• Infinit-I Workforce Training Management System Hero

Online training for safer fleets

DOT safety training to reduce accidents, decrease CSA scores, and improve safety.

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  • Infinit-I Workforce Training Management System Hero

Online training for safer fleets

DOT safety training to reduce accidents, decrease CSA scores, and improve safety

Improve DOT TrainingSchedule A Demo

A Training Management System that’s affordable & effective.

Managing Safety Training Has Never Been Easier

Infinit-I is easy to implement, easy to track, and easy to use.

App & Cloud-Based System, Get a Demo

App & Cloud-Based Solutions

Get safe drivers on the road faster with our easy-to-implement, user-friendly Training Management System.

Thousands Of Classes, Explore Catalog

Thousands Of Classes

Access 850+ training videos, updated regularly to reflect transportation industry changes.

Ongoing Support with Our Client Success Team

Ongoing Support

Our Client Success Team will help you determine the best safety training schedule to meet your company goals.

Our Training Management System empowers you:

  • Establish an effective workplace safety program
  • Save time on training administration
  • Improve your safety culture
  • Increase learning retention
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Consistently share your SOPs and processes
  • Track & document your training
  • Mitigate your risk of lawsuits
  • Increase your defensibility in court
  • Give you a measurable return on investment
Training Management System

We’ve delivered more than 130 million training sessions which have resulted in:


Reduced Accidents


Reduced Driver Turnover


Reduced Training Costs


Reduced CSA Violations

Employee Training Management Software

We serve the following industries:

✓ Heavy Duty & Medium-Duty Trucks

✓ Food Safety & Sanitary Transportation

✓ Worker Safety & Injury Prevention

✓ Construction & Warehouse Safety

✓ Light Fleet Vehicle Safety

✓ Oil Field Safety


Step 1

Schedule a complimentary demo.

Step 2

Get a personalized training roadmap and implementation plan.

Step 3

Rest easy knowing your training management is taken care of, and your drivers are safer on the road.


Proactive Approach

We assess, identify, and target risks before they become a liability.

Efficient Onboarding

Our solutions reduce onsite training time by helping you build a strong safety culture from the start.


Our training content breaks information down into focused lessons that can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Up-to-Date Courses

Learning experiences and content evolve to align with best practices and industry standards.

Corrective Action

Streamlined training systems prepare your drivers for even the worst-case scenarios–and correct them when needed.

All-Inclusive, Unlimited Usage Model

Infinit-I features all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees, no surprises, ever.

What Our Customers Say

“We knew [Infinit-I] would be cost effective. What we did not anticipate was the human resource value. The system actually helps us identify our future best employees. […]”

“I think one of the most important things is […]giving them [drivers] the power to engage in learning. The mobile app is limitlessly valuable. […] I put a training together and 5 minutes later a driver can jump in and take it.“

“We’ve noticed probably about a 20 percent improvement in our CSAs. It [Infinit-I] greatly improved our maintenance scores in the CSA.”

“From the time we got to Boot Camp, we’ve had enjoyable moments. At the same time, I’m taking back information that’s probably going to change our company forever.”

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