Vertical Alliance Group Adds 6 New Training Videos for Trucking

Vertical Alliance Group has added six new truck driver safety training videos this month into the Infinit-I Workforce System.

In the Real. Life. Lessons. Module, you will find five new releases designed to help remind your drivers how to avoid common accidents that cause worker’s compensation injuries:

  • Conducting Pre/Post Trip Inspection Title: Looking At and Looking For Andy breaks his collarbone and receives a citation after an accident that could have been prevented by a proper inspection.
  • Title: Man’s Best Friend Tommy breaks his wrist when his dog, Blue, trips him.
  • Cranking Trailer Landing Gear Title: Ice -The Enemy of the Truck Driver Mary Ann shatters her elbow when she slips on ice. How could this be avoided?
  • Title: A Tight Squeeze Seymour injures his shoulder when his trailer shifts.
  • Pulling Fifth-Wheel Release Title: Awkward Posture Charlotte, Henry, and Warren all injure their backs due to awkward postures.

Additionally, we have added one new video to the Trucking Industry Module.

  • Title: Distracted Driving Awareness Do not use a cell phone or any electronic device while driving. Your career and your life, as well as the lives of others, are at risk.

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