CCJ Features Infinit-I Workforce System

In an article published this week by the Commercial Carrier Journal, Aaron Huff featured the Infinit-I Workforce System.

“4 ways to make driver training count”

By Aaron Huff on June 9, 2015

Companies like… Vertical Alliance… provide online LMS with a library of driver training materials. Clients are increasingly asking for custom content to better engage drivers in their company culture and to cover specific training topics, they say.

Recording Everything
Vertical Alliance Group, which provides a web-based LMS called, Infinit-I Workforce System and training content, is wrapping up development of a tool called Assessment Deck. Fleets will be able to use the tool to convert paper forms into electronic forms to capture and document information and create reports for things like vehicle inspections, internal audits, cargo claims, and more.

Like the web-based LMS, the online Assessment Deck has an administrative portal to assign forms to different groups and people in an organization. An e-mail can be sent to the appropriate people with a link to complete a form online.

While technology is being used to automate many aspects of driver training, the fact that it can also document that the training took place may be just as important. Without this modern convenience, the training never happened as far as the courts are concerned.”