Recap: Day 1 of July Infinit-I Engage Evaluation Program

At the start of July’s Vertical Alliance Group’s Infinit-I Engage Evaluation Program, attendees learned a lot of neat things about utilizing the custom content feature of the Infinit-I Workforce System.

“We have a client that utilized custom content to reduce driver turnover by 85%.  We have companies saving $8000 per week in fuel by using custom content. We have companies reducing orientation cost and getting drivers on the road quicker by using custom content,” said Blake Baumann, vice president of consultative services for Vertical Alliance Group.

Today attendees will start the day by starring in their very own distracted driving video. “We’ll make you look like you belong on the big screen,” Blake said. Making the videos as part of one of today’s classes is designed to help attendees realize how easy and affordable it is to make their own custom content to educate their truck drivers on multiple aspects of their business.

In essence, it takes truck driver training to a new level. Last night attendees enjoyed hearing from Houston Brittian of Miller Truck Line in Oklahoma. “We put a client in the hot seat at dinner because they can tell you more about using the system more than we can from what it is like to use it in your seat,” Blake said. One of the other Aha! Moments that many attending had was learning how online training can improve their orientation time and recruitment efforts.

“A recruiter can talk to someone on the phone and say, ‘We’re going to get you into Infinit-I Fastrac right now.’ They can start the training right away, while you start doing their background checks, etc… Which means you haven’t lost any money if it doesn’t work out on bus tickets and airfare. A lot of no shows that happen out there happen because someone was able to get them on quicker than you,” Blake said.

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