A School Wide Learning Management System

“Grant Parish School Board initially purchased the Infinit-I Workforce System for use in the transportation department.  Then we quickly realized that the program could be utilized system wide.  The Infinit-I Workforce System has made recordkeeping for state mandated training, for every employee, extremely easy.  Our human resource department no longer has to keep up with thousands of completion certificates and who has not completed their training.  Now we just print a report!  That easy!

“As for the transportation department, Infinit-I Workforce System offers numerous training modules for school bus drivers and attendants.  Trying to get bus drivers and attendants together at each school every month for safety training is a thing of the past.  With Infinit-I Workforce System modules and testing, I KNOW the drivers and attendants are getting the needed information.  We also count those minutes/hours toward our annual certification time requirements.

“Grant Parish has just begun to use Infinit-I Workforce System, system wide; however, the transportation department started using it this last school year.  There are many ways that this program can be used to make training and verification so much easier, such as posting notices on the main page where everyone logs in, verification of receipt of documents, messages, etc.  We are using the Infinit-I Workforce System to document receipt of handbooks, policy manuals and documents that are required to be given to each employee every year.

“We have transitioned into using the Infinit-I Workforce System  fairly easily.  The support and help from Infinit-I Workforce System is unequal to any software support team I have dealt with previously. I highly recommend Infinit-I Workforce System!” ~Kecia Nugent Transportation Supervisor, Grant Parish School Board