Usher GP Trucking Company Share Insights to Training

Infinit-I Workforce System Helped Usher Transport Decrease Cross Drops

How the Infinit-I Workforce System Helped Usher Transport Decrease Cross Drops


We’ve noticed some of our cross drops, through the training, our ratio of cross drops have decreased. That’s strictly because of training. … It has helped educate our drivers into doing it right the first time, and in a lot of our cases, that’s all we’ve got is the first time. The second time just doesn’t happen.
~Jack Murphy
Director of Safety
Usher Transport

How G&P Trucking Company Has Benefited from the Infinit-I Workforce System During Court Depositions

“We drive about 60 million miles a year, so we have our share of accidents. For those of you who don’t drive quite that many, at some point, if you haven’t been, you’re going to be deposed. And every time I go to a deposition, they ask about driver training. It’s not part of the driver file, so during in interrogatories, you don’t have to answer that question. When they do get around to putting you on the stand, or taking your deposition, they always ask about driver training. I tell them we use Infinit-I Workforce System, and that it’s based on the trucking industry, and we do two to three videos every month. I tell them they’re requirements. And there’s not another question asked, and they don’t actually subpoena those documents either. That’s been going on for four years. We’ve actually never had to provide any attorney with training records, once we tell them (that answer).”
~John Billingsley
Safety Director
G&P Trucking Company