Vertical Alliance Group Adds 8 New Training Videos for Trucking

Vertical Alliance Group, is committed to ensuring you have access to the best training videos in the industry. This month we released eight new safety training videos for you to utilize in your training. The first two videos focus on reminding drivers about CSA violations, including the new passenger seatbelt requirement going into effect August 8th.

  • Speeding
    Length: 03:34
    This video is a short CSA reminder on the various speeding violations.
    Module: CSA Minutes
  • Seatbelts Update – 2016
    Length: 02:00
    This video details the August 8, 2016 seatbelt law update regarding passengers not wearing seatbelts being a violation under CSA.
    Module: CSA Minutes

Additionally, we have revised and updated one of our most popular inspection videos.

  • Exterior Power Unit and Trailer Inspection
    Length: 07:43
    This video discusses the importance and proper procedure for inspecting the exterior power unit and trailer before transit. It demonstrates proper tread length and condition of tires and provides a checklist for inspection of the exterior power unit and trailer before transit, including proper signage and fire safety materials.
    Module: Exterior Power Unit and Trailer Inspection

Finally, we have released five new videos in our Real. Life. Lessons. video series.

  • Driver Injures Shoulder Pulling Fifth-Wheel Release
    Length: 03:09
    Tommy tears his rotator cuff when he hastily yanks his fifth-wheel release.
    Module: Pulling Fifth-Wheel Release
  • New to You
    Length: 03:07
    Paul fractures his wrist falling from a new truck. Always be cautious when dealing with new equipment.
    Module: Entering/Exiting Truck Cab
  • Who Has Got My Big Toe
    Length: 03:06
    Bret’s big toe is smashed when a piece of iron falls on it. Treat your clothing as personal protective equipment. Sandals provide almost no protection.
    Module: Strapping/Chaining Flatbed Freight
  • A Place For Everything
    Length: 03:12
    Jeff and Brady are both injured when insecure and unnecessary clutter go flying in their cab. Make sure all items are secure, even if they’re in use, and clean out the clutter.
    Module: Inside Parked Truck
  • Hurry Now – Wait Later
    Length: 03:08
    Trevor gets a mild concussion when his haste causes him to fall from his truck. Always take on a task with the appropriate caution, speed, and awareness.
    Module: Entering/Exiting Truck Cab

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