Vertical Alliance Group Adds 8 New Training Videos for Schools

Vertical Alliance Group is committed to ensuring you have access to the best training videos in the student transportation industry.  This month we have released 8 new videos for you to use. The first video is found in the School Bus section and focuses on the importance of drivers teaching students safety at the bus stop both on and off the bus.

  • Bus Stop Safety Reminders
    Length: 01:48
    This video reminds bus drivers of the importance of teaching students bus safety both on and off the bus. It includes a short video of a student who is almost hit when a car runs a bus stop arm. It shares nine tips bus drivers can teach students about bus stop safety.

The next three videos are also found in the School Bus section and focus on teaching crossing guards best practices for crossing students.

  • Crossing Guards Part 1
    Length: 03:39
    This video discusses the legal framework around being a crossing guard. It also discusses post review and preparation.
  • Crossing Guards Part 2
    Length: 04:03
    This video discusses the eight steps to crossing children safely.
  • Crossing Guards Part 3
    Length: 04:53
    This video reviews the eight steps to crossing children safely and discusses crossing guard conduct and equipment needed.

The next two videos released are Spanish versions of videos already available in English on the Infinit-I Workforce System.

  • Fixed Object Collisions – High Speed 
    Length: 06:34
    This video discusses the common causes and solutions for fixed object collisions that occur at high speeds.
  • Fixed Object Collisions – Low Speed
    Length: 07:02
    This video discusses the common causes and solutions for fixed object collisions that occur at low speeds.

For school districts utilizing the Infinit-I Workforce System for district wide training, the next video is designed to help department supervisors and managers write and update job descriptions.

  • Job Descriptions
    Length: 07:05
    This video discusses the importance of having a detailed job description for every position in your district and how to develop job descriptions.

Finally, you can now access our  webinar replay in the SafePUPIL Webinars Section, which archives all of our best practices webinars.

  • Easy Ways to Customize Your Training to Improve Engagement
    Length: 55:44
    Learn 10 tips & ideas for easy ways to customize your training to enhance employee engagement and improve behaviors. Utilizing the tips taught in this webinar, you can quickly begin creating online training your employees can relate to. You’ll leave this class with a new opportunity to make a creative, personal experience that your learners will engage with.

Please contact your Client Services Representative at 877-792-3866, ext. 300, if you have any questions.