Vertical Alliance Group Adds 2 New Training Videos for Trucking

Vertical Alliance Group is committed to ensuring you have access to the best training videos in the industry. This month we released 2 new training videos. The first video, entitled Changing Lanes, replaces an older video by the same title.  The newer video footage and layout has received a lot of positive feedback from clients who tell us keeping training fresh and new for their drivers is important to them.

Changing Lanes
Length: 05:41
This video discusses the importance of executing a lane change correctly. It demonstrates the correct execution of a lane change and discusses the most common errors made while changing lanes.
Module: Trucking Industry

The other video released this month, entitled Passengers Not Included, is the 99th video released in our popular Real. Life. Lessons. training series.  This series is utilized to reduce on the job injuries through awareness training.

Passengers Not Included
Length: 02:49
Martin makes a decision to stay inside his truck cab while the recovery truck is loading it. While exiting, he falls nearly 10 feet and fractures his wrist. Never stay in the vehicle when it is being towed or being prepared for a tow.
Module: Real. Life. Lessons

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