New Trucking Training Videos

Vertical Alliance Group, is committed to ensuring you have access to the best training videos in the industry. This month we have released 3 new training videos. The first video is a redo and replaces an older video by the same title. View our updated content library.

New Trucking Training VideosDriving in Extreme Weather Conditions
Length: 08:42
This video discusses safety practices to use while driving or working in extreme weather conditions.
Module: Trucking Industry

The next video is the 100th video released in our Real. Life. Lessons. series. This series is designed to help prevent common workplace accidents.

Bungee Straps and Eyeballs
Length: 02:21
This video discusses the dangers involved in working with bungee straps and the safety measures necessary to avoid injury when using them.
Module: Real. Life. Lessons.

The final video is an addition to our new selection of trainings in human resources.

Harassment Reporting
Length: 05:54
This video discusses the proper ways in which to initiate and conduct an investigation into claims of Harassment.
Module: Human Resources

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