5 Rs When You Observe Harassment or Discrimination

Train Your Managers on the 5 R’s to Prevent Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace

Train Managers on the 5R’s to Prevent Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are serious issues that need to be addressed before they lead to legal issues. By creating a positive atmosphere at work, you will not only protect yourself against the legal problems, you will also increase employee retention and productivity.

When you or someone else in leadership observes objectionable conduct by one of your employees, there are 5 things you need to do. These are the 5 R’s managers should be trained on to help prevent harassment and discrimination claims from happening at your company.

The 5 R’s include:

1. Recognize the situation
3. Remove yourself from that situation
3. Redirect the employee and and simultaneous…
4. Re-educate them be able to pinpoint the specific policy or procedure that’s been violated
5. Respond and determine the appropriate response.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has put together some resources to help you improve company-wide policies on discrimination in the workplace. If this is an issue, or you just want to make sure you are following best practices, check out our helpful video below.

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We have also put together a handy flyer to help keep the 5 Rs in mind when dealing with potential issues in the workplace. Click below to get a copy for yourself or your office.

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Don’t let discrimination in the workplace or any other HR issues cause issues for your company. Infinit-I workforce Solutions has the training tools you need to prepare managers to deal with these issues immediately.

Incorporate the HR training with safety and other ongoing training needs to keep employee morale and productivity up while reducing workplace incidents. Request a demo to see how the Infinit-I system can help make your training program work better for you.