6 New Training Videos for Trucking

Vertical Alliance Group, is committed to ensuring you have access to the best training videos in the industry. This month we released six new training videos.

Food Safety Investigation
Length: 07:02
This video is meant to identify practices and conditions that could pose a threat to food safety and to show what action to take if these conditions are encountered.
Section: Trucking Industry
Module: Food Safety Investigation

General Awareness Part 3 – Update 2017
Length: 14:52
This video discusses the Hazardous Materials Table in depth. It also details how to recognize hazardous materials and the penalties for hazardous materials violations.
Section: Hazardous Materials Training
Module: General Awareness

Marking – Update 2017
Length: 11:50
This video discusses the various package markings required for hazardous materials transport. Several examples are used to detail different situations.
Section: Hazardous Materials Training
Module: Marking

Avoiding the Employee Misclassification Dilemma 
Length: 01:08:46
All businesses are responsible for classifying the people they hire. Misclassification mistakes can cost your company big time in fines for failing to pay minimum wage and overtime, among other things. This training offers best practices on when to classify a worker as an independent contractor and when to classify a worker as an employee.
Section: Best Practices Webinars
Module: 2017 Webinars

Jackknifing – Plegamiento
Length: 05:43
Defines the scenario known as jackknifing; describes the physics of the event and describes the dangers of the event; describes and defines trailer pull; discusses the causes of both events and describes prevention techniques and emergency response techniques; defines anti-lock braking systems (ABS).
Section: New Spanish Videos
Module: Jackknifing – Plegamiento

Driver Struck by Forklift – Conductor Golpeado por Monta Cargas Dentro de Trailer
Length: 3:17
Nate is, fortunately, uninjured after being struck by a forklift. Do not engage in physical activity that is not defined as part of your job. Always be careful around forklifts and make sure forklift operators are aware of your presence.
Section: New Spanish Videos
Module: Driver Struck by Forklift – Conductor Golpeado por Monta cargas dentro de Trailer

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