5 Rules to Live by to Prevent Harassment & Discrimination

5 Rules to Live by to Prevent Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace

There has been a rise in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints over the last five to six years. EEOC charges are a serious issue and the costs associated with the claims can put some companies out of business. That is why investing in training and coaching is so important as it relates to EEOC and your workplace.

The money you invest into an online training program, like the Infinit-I Workforce System, can help you curb your company’s chances of being hit with a harassment, discrimination, or retaliation claim from the EEOC. In 2016 alone, $482 million dollars was collected by the EEOC from employers for alleged victims of discrimination. That number only includes settlements and judgements. It does not include the actual cost of the litigation itself.

Ten cases … $18 million!!! 
In 2016, the 10 private plaintiff employment discrimination class action lawsuit settlements totaled almost $18 million dollars.  While that number is trending downward significantly from earlier years, where the top 14 settlements totaled almost $630 million, there’s still a lot of money on the line if your company is not creating a workplace free of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. So any money invested in training can be money and resources well spent to prevent these sorts of claims.

There are 5 rules to live by when it comes to preventing workplace harassment and discrimination:

  1. Don’t play where you work.
  2. Commit to your company’s values, policies, and standards.
  3. Remind others about your company’s values,  policies, and standards.
  4. Encourage employees to make good-faith complaints.
  5. Be fair and consistent in your managerial role.

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