Passing Your CDL Exam Isn’t Always Easy

The CDL exam is a tough test and studying for the exam isn’t easy.

What will be covered on the exam?
Everything that will be covered in the exam is available for free by downloading your state’s CDL manual.  This manual is available through your state’s Department of Transportation.

One quick look through a state’s CDL Manual though, and you’ll wonder how anybody has ever passed the exam.

That’s why Tim Scott created the Online CDL Training Course.

After implementing his course at the National Transportation Driver Training Centers, over 90% of the people who took the course, passed the CDL written exam.  This was a 14% increase in the number of people passing the exam, compared to the pass rates seen by students prior to implementing his course.

Why did the Online CDL Training Course make a difference?

Tim Scott’s course focuses on the most important parts of the exam.  The course is taught in short video series, followed by a test.  This method helps CDL students the material.  Additionally, it takes away the intimidation of the sheer volume of material presented in the State CDL Manuals.

Swift Transportation Uses the CDL Training Not only has Tim discovered this but one of the largest trucking companies in the transportation industry, Swift Transportation, uses our Online CDL Training for new drivers entering into their company.

A testimonial from Swift.
“We chose to outsource to Vertical Alliance to help us manage some of our new entrant driver processing functions, like those pre-employment hurdles related to commercial driver permits. We knew it would be cost effective but what we did not anticipate was the human resource value. The system actually helps us identify our future best employees. Shortly after launching the system, we discovered that the applicants who finish the online process are the initiative takers and have a level of self discipline that translates into a superior driver. It weeds out those individuals who aren’t serious about their careers.”
– Tim McLain
National Academy Director
Swift Transportation

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