5 Driver Training Solutions Your Insurance Provider Wants

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Are Your Training Solutions Working for You?

When it comes time to evaluate your insurability each year, there is one question insurance companies are asking. What training solutions are you implementing right now to change your exposure to accidents?

If you want an insurance company to insure you, and if you want your company to be profitable, you must decrease losses. The only way to make this happen is to change driver performance. Your only able to change driver performance if you hold them accountable and maintain regular training.

Lessons from an Insurance Risk Manager

Continued safety issues can cost your company thousands of dollars in insurance alone. A risk manager from an insurance company, speaking at a training event, shared how the Infinit-I training system empowers trucking companies.

During his discussion, he shared five reasons trucking companies should utilize Infinit-I Workforce Solutions to manage their training programs. These five training solutions were:

  1. You can keep drivers up to date on new rules and regulations
  2. You can keep drivers on the road making money
  3. You can identify negative driver behavior trends and reverse them
  4. You can provide ongoing training to all your drivers
  5. You can reduce your exposure to increased insurance premiums

How do the training solutions provided by Infinit-I help in these areas?

Keep Drivers Up to Date on New Rules and Regulations

Federal and even state rules and regulations change on a regular basis. This means you need training options that will help you inform drivers of the changes quickly. If you are using DVDs for training, you are costing your company more money to keep up with needed training changes.

Most of these DVDs are long and boring for drivers. The Infinit-I system offers short, up to date training videos that not only make training affordable, but also allow you to keep drivers engaged throughout the training.

Keep Drivers on the Road Making Money

Unlike in-person training that requires you to bring all your drivers into the terminal, Infinit-I Workforce Solution’s online training platform allows you to keep your drivers on the road and making money. Drivers can access assigned training from any device with an internet connection, so there’s no need to disrupt their schedules.

Let’s face it, few of your drivers really want to sit in a training room for hours. You can save both time and money for everyone involved with our online training solutions. Plus, the quizzes at the end of each short training video proves your driver understands the material presented.

Identify Negative Driver Behavior Trends and Reverse Them

With the tracking and reporting capabilities of the Infinit-I system, you can identify trends that lead to safety issues for your drivers. This means you can react quickly to these trends and provide necessary training to improve those negative trends.

The system ensures you have the documentation to prove you’re making investments in performance, identifying and reacting to trends, and holding drivers accountable for their actions. This documentation helps protect your company when it comes to litigation, inspections, audits, and insurance needs. Anytime your commitment to training is questioned, you can back up your claims.

Provide Ongoing Training

When you train a new driver, you practice skills like backing, follow distance, lane changes, proper speeds, etc. repeatedly to help them understand. A professional truck driver needs that same ongoing training to make sure they keep safety measures top of mind.

Drivers should have continuous training on defensive driving skills, FMCSA rules and regulations, and all other safety issues. With over 850 videos on a variety of safe driving topics, the Infinit-I Workforce system makes it easy for you to provide weekly or monthly training to keep your drivers safe.

Reduce Risks that Increase Insurance Premiums

The amount of emphasis your company places on driver training solutions can directly impact your insurance premiums. If your company has a high frequency of accidents and do not have any measures in place to address the behaviors that lead to these accidents, your insurance premiums will continue to increase.

Mark Sorine, Vice President of Safety at Quality Distribution appreciates the help Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has provided in reducing premiums…

“On renewal cycles, we have to do a presentation to our insurance carrier. Infinit-I is part of the presentation.

They haven’t provided us any type of discount per se for utilizing the system. But it has been a factor where we’ve seen premium reductions in the last three years based on performance. I have to think this product has something to do with that.”

An Easy Solution to Your Training and Insurance Needs

Implementing a best-in-class training solution program is easier than you may think. Since 2007, the Infinit-I Workforce system has helped thousands of trucking companies empower their drivers with the tools they need for safer driving.

By improving their safety, we’ve helped these companies become more presentable during the insurance renewal process. If you’re ready to ensure your drivers will remember the training they received and improve your company’s liability, we have you covered.

If you would like to learn more about how the Infinit-I Workforce Solution platform can empower your drivers, schedule a demo.