FERPA Training for Schools Added to Training Library

Vertical Alliance Group is committed to ensuring you have access to new training videos on a monthly basis. This month we have released six training videos for use on the Infinit-I Workforce System.  All of the videos are focused on providing school administrators, teachers, and staff members training on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or “FERPA” training.

Student Records are protected under FERPA, a federal law that applies to schools and colleges that receive federal financial assistance. FERPA affects school districts in some way almost every single day. For this reason, it is important for your entire staff to to know and understand what the law requires.

The six new FERPA online training videos make it easy for your staff to undergo initial and ongoing training on FERPA requirements using the Infinit-I Workforce System

New FERPA Training Videos

Training Videos for Schools CatalogRights of Access
Length: 7:20
This video discusses what the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act actually is, who is covered by FERPA, and who has rights of access to personally identifiable information.
Section: Schools
Module: FERPA

Education Records
Length: 6:14
This video defines what does and does not count as an education record.
Section: Schools
Module: FERPA

Videos and Emails
Length: 6:56
This video discusses how FERPA applies to video and emails in regards to treating them as education records.
Section: Schools
Module: FERPA

Personally Identifiable Information
Length: 8:55
This video defines what personally identifiable information actually is and some exceptions to consent.
Module Category: Schools
Module: FERPA

Requesting Access to Student Records
Length: 6:24
This video discusses the procedures for accessing education records as well as amending records.
Section: Schools
Module: FERPA

Notice of FERPA Rights
Length: 2:59
This video discusses what is involved in the notification of FERPA rights as well as the process of filing a complaint.
Section: Schools
Module: FERPA

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