How to Plug 3 Holes Causing Stress in Your Truck Driver Safety Program

Plug Holes in Truck Driver Safety Program

Holes in Your Truck Driver Safety Program

If training is causing you stress, chances are there are holes in your truck driver safety program that are costing you lots of money and time that could be put to better use in other areas of your company. For your training program to be effective you need to be able to coordinate drivers, properly document training, and streamline your orientation process.

If these areas are a struggle, you can get an easy fix. With the right tools, you can take a more strategic approach to training and better allocate your resources. Before you take that strategic approach, you need to better understand the holes that are causing you stress.

Hole #1: Coordinating Drivers for Safety Meetings

If you’re still spending time trying to coordinate your truck driver safety program with old fashioned techniques that require gathering your drivers in one place, you are throwing away the resources available to you. Industry studies show that 40% to 65% of your drivers are not attending these types of safety meetings.

With this method, by default, your unknowingly allowing complacency to take hold in your company. You’ve probably heard the old industry saying:

“Rookies bump into stuff, it takes years of experience to be involved in the catastrophic crashes.”

In other words, your rookie drivers are fresh on their safety training and still have some fear of the equipment that makes them careful. Over time they learn by experience how much they can get away with to cut corners, and complacency begins to take over.

When complacency takes over, your CSA scores take a hit which can kill your business. That’s why your initial and ongoing training is crucial for all your drivers to participate in. The good news is, it’s not only possible to make this happen, it’s also easy with the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions platform.

Hole #2: Properly Documenting Training & Communication

There is always the possibility of ending up in court because of an accident. If this happens, you must be able to prove your drivers received and understood training to protect your company. You also need to prove that every memo, letter, policy, procedure, or other important company information was received and read by all employees.

The golden rule in training is:

“If it’s not signed; if it’s not dated; if it’s not in writing; if you can’t find it… it did NOT happen.”


The Infinit-I Workforce system can help you ensure you are following the Golden Rule in training. The platform will help you keep track of all necessary documentation and communication, saving your company from costly punitive damages in court.

Hole #3: Spending too Much Money on Orientation

If your company looks anything like the rest of the industry, you’re probably on a regular search for new drivers. This means you’re not only spending a lot of time and money on orientation, you’re also losing money with every hour the drivers sit in your facility completing their training.

There is an easier and faster way to complete orientation training to get your new drivers on the road quicker without taking away from your truck driver safety program. We all know you can’t make money if your drivers aren’t on the road.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has helped hundreds of trucking companies create customized online orientation to get their new drivers prepared and on the road faster.

Stop Patching Your Training Holes and Fix Them for Good

While some holes in your business need a lot of work to repair, the holes in your truck driver safety program are easy to fix with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions. Our online learning management system allows you to maintain orientation, ongoing, and corrective action training to fit your company needs.

Chances are you’re not doing everything you can with your safety training, and the things you are doing manually are creating too much stress. With Infinit-I, you can optimize your training, decrease your workload, increase your profits, improve your CSA scores, and fix the holes that can keep you up at night.

Request a demo to walk through the system with one of our experts who can show you exactly how you can deal with your training issues with little effort on your part.