Technology Myths: Take the Fear Out of Purchasing an Online Training Platform

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Get What You Need Out of an Online Training Platform

Have you ever been promised everything you need by a technology provider, only to be left with a big bill and bigger disappointments? Most people in education have, and it’s led to plenty of skepticism and myths around implementing new technologies.

When Vertical Alliance Group set out to build an online training platform for schools, we knew it had to be different than the empty promises. We knew it had to be something that was easy to deploy, easy to use, and most importantly, it had to make a real difference for the people using it.

That meant we had to overcome three of the biggest problems and myths surrounding new technologies.

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Myth #1: IT Team Required for Deployment

Sometimes you look at a new software and know you will need an IT team to implement it. When software feels that complicated, chances are it will be ignored and forgotten by those who need the features. This is not an issue with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

We designed the system for busy administrators who don’t have time to learn and implement a new software. We also developed a client success team to stand behind our online training platform to help you get the most out of it.

All you have to do is send us a user list and pick the training you need from the course catalogs. We take care of everything else. It’s that simple.

As many of our clients will tell you, Infinit-I is like adding an extra person to your team without the added salary.

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Myth #2: Staff Won’t Adopt New Technologies

One of the biggest concerns with investing in a new technology is getting the staff to use it. If you’re not careful, you can waste time trying to figure out how to get people to use the new system while the technology remains dormant. Infinit-I has the solutions you need for this situation.

Not only does our client success team make implementing and using the system easy, we also monitor staff adoption of the system. We will work with you to help ensure those who are slower to adopt the new technology are given the support they need to succeed.

“I can’t tell you how big of a piece of our success is squarely because of the customer service team behind the Infinit-I Workforce system. They are superb at fulfilling the ins and outs of this program.” – Mary Bass Fontenot, Director of Transportation for Calcasieu Parish School Board.

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Myth #3: You Can’t Implement More than One New Technology at a Time

With so many software programs and other new technologies available, you’re getting offers regularly for different tools and applications. You want to find the right tools to improve communication district wide but figuring out how to implement these new tools can prove difficult.

Infinit-I’s online training program can actually help make implementation of new technologies easier for your district. In fact, many school districts using our system have found it simplifies the adoption and training for other technologies they have purchased.

Infinit-I is about capturing, documenting, communicating, and providing learning for every employee in the district. As Kecia Nugent, Transportation Supervisor at Grant Parish School Board said,

“There are many ways this program can be used to make training and verification so much easier. I highly recommend it.”

Keep Moving Forward with the Right Tools

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions online training platform was designed to make training simple. You can provide consistent safety training for your entire district so everyone stays on the same page. You can even use the system to provide the training needed to implement other technologies.

With our built-in reporting and tracking features, you can ensure the Infinit-I system is being used and can maintain all necessary training documentation. Request a demo to see for yourself just how easy the Infinit-I system is.