6 Benefits of Developing a Company Culture of Learning and Growth

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Developing a Company Culture of Learning and Growth

Company culture has become a buzzword, but the original intent was to portray the values and people the company represents. Culture represents your diligence towards goals and growth in leadership as well as with all employees.

Continued learning and development is the best path towards implementing the growth and culture you want for your company.

The training you provide will determine the culture your company represents, and online training is a powerful tool to help you develop the training program you need to make changes to meet the culture you desire for your company.

Measuring Needed Changes for Company Growth

Return on investment (ROI) is vital to the growth of any organization. Before putting money into a change, such as a training program, you want to make sure you can measure the results so you can mange those changes.

A culture change is measurable, but it may take different tools than you are used to. Indicators of a company culture change will be seen in areas such as:

  • Motivation in employees
  • Improved cross-departmental communication
  • Better connection between department goals
  • Better understanding and connection between employees

With these indicators, you will begin to see a cultural shift that will better lead to your company’s growth. That impact is measurable.

It can be seen with higher efficiency in departments and, over time, higher profitability. You can compare this profitability with the cost of implementing new training to see your ROI. This decision for real change needs to start with leadership though.

Online Training to Cultivate Culture Change and Growth

On average, companies spend $1,308 per employee when it comes to training. Most organizations see this as a necessary cost of doing business, but you have added costs when it comes to disrupting workflows to complete desired training.

Online training can help mitigate these costs and make training simpler for you though. Online training isn’t new, but more and more companies are moving to these platforms to improve communication and initiatives.

To get the most out of an online learning management system, you need leadership to work with your different teams to determine what challenges your organization faces. Combining this knowledge with an understanding of which way you want to go will help you create programs to shift behavior towards your ideal company culture.

Work together with your different departments to create custom content that meet your needs moving forward. You can share new ideas and get employees involved in the changes without repetitive classes that take them away from their work.

You can also track employee progress through the training to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction. Using online training to establish and grow your company culture leads to:

  1. Unity and a sense of purpose
  2. Ownership of an individual’s part in the process
  3. Individual accountability towards company goals
  4. Changed behaviors
  5. Employee Retention
  6. Creative and innovative decision-making skills

Every industry and every company need innovation and creativity to survive. Employees need to feel empowered to take reasonable risks so they can produce their best work. Continuing education opportunities will help empower your employees to make these needed changes.

Prioritizing Learning and Growth

Whether you provide training opportunities that are industry or company specific, there are many benefits to prioritizing learning and growth as part of your company culture. Most importantly, well-trained employees are more efficient and better problem-solvers.

Clear, consistent, and truthful communication across the organization also helps boost employee morale. Better training opportunities keep more employees in your company and increases their productivity.

Online training makes this training process simpler for you and your employees so you can make needed changes moving forward. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions provides an online training management system that allows you to develop and continue a training program to meet your company goals.

To learn how the Infinit-I system can help you on the road to improved culture in your company, check out the solutions we have available.