5 Learning Management System Features to Look for When Making a Purchasing Decision

Compare Key Features When Choosing a Learning Management System

Choosing a Learning Management System

With training budgets in the millions, training and development is a serious investment for companies. If you like, 40% of businesses want to invest in a learning management system, you want to choose a system that will meet all your needs.

To ensure you make an informed decision to get the best ROI, you need to consider the features that will make the platform most effective towards your company needs. There are five important features to look for.

#1 Training Management Audit

To make sure you get the management system you need, a new learning management system provider should offer to audit your current training situation. If they do not propose completing this audit, it shows a lack of confidence in their product.

This audit is a way for a provider to prove how they can save you money with their system. The audit should be able to show you how a provider can make your company more profitable. Prospects of the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions system receive a detailed program assessment.

#2 API Integration for Improved Productivity

API integration allows you to connect your different management tools so they can share information. Without this integration, a training management system is isolated and has limited capabilities to help you keep up with everything you need for a successful program.

The ability to integrate multiple tools to work together increases your company productivity as you can keep everything in one place. When choosing a management system, look for a provider that highlights this integration feature.

#3 Customization Capability

Many learning management system providers will offer customization capabilities, but you want to be watchful for hidden fees. Some providers will charge clients set up fees to provide a customizable platform.

They may also include hidden fees to upload custom training videos to your system. For the best experience, you want a fully customizable training platform like Infinit-I. This gives you the ability to create a custom-branded employee interface and upload custom training content at no additional charge.

#4 Consistent Updates to Training Material

Regulations and needs change regularly, and you want an online training system that keeps up with regular updates and releases for training videos. A limited content library is often a sign of outdated information.

The Infinit-I system has regular updates to the training library to help you keep up with industry trends and regulations. Our library has 850+ videos and new material is added each month.

#5 Hands-On Trial Run Before Buying

Beware of a provider that does not offer a trial experience of the training management system to give you in-depth experience before purchasing. While an online demo is useful, you will know more about the system with a hands-on trial.

With the Infinit-I system, you have several options for hands-on experience with the platform, including a two-day in-person training event. This event allows you to test the system along with other potential clients to see how it works for yourself and get your questions answered.

Implementing the Best Solutions for Your Company

Choosing a learning management system for your business will be easier with these key features in mind. Follow these guidelines to make a well-informed decision for the best tools to meet your needs.

Would you like to experience the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions system for yourself to see if it’s the right fit for your company? Join us at our next in-person training bootcamp for a hands-on experience.