10 Benefits of Utilizing Infinit-I to Maintain Training Compliance


Compliance is mandatory in the trucking industry. But when it’s not clear how to move the numbers, it’s hard to stay energized and inventive. The good news is, with the tools and tactics of online training and with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions on your side, you can simplify, get off the hamster wheel, and see improvement.

10 Benefits of Utilizing Infinit-I Workforce Solutions to Maintain Training Compliance

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is an online driver training and communications tool that lets drivers train via a device, through micro-learning modules, from anywhere, any time. But many of our clients apply the tools to more than just drivers and have told us time and again stories of renewal in their business and better safety scores. 

 Here are 10 benefits they’ve found. We think you will, too!

#1 and #2: Make Training Easy and Get 100% Communication with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

When Beth Woodbury, Compliance Supervisor at Thomas E. Keller Trucking, Inc./ Keller Logistics, started using Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, she was new to online training. But right from the start, she found it easy to use, and easy to introduce to drivers:

We found that most of our drivers have access to Wi-Fi in one way, shape, or form, whether it’s in the office, mobile hotspot, tablet, or cell phone. We do required training every month, and we get 100% compliance. We started incorporating it with their safety bonus program. And we really haven’t had any issues.

Her company uses the tools for other staff, too:

We use it for everything. We start out with driver orientation, as well as orientation for general laborers, forklift drivers, and our temps. This makes it a lot easier to get OSHA required training done.

She added: “We use Infinit-I Workforce Solutions now as our primary means for getting the message out to drivers.” This was urgent, because:

We implemented a policy that said you have to turn in your bills of lading or you won’t get paid. Only a portion of the people that have e-mail, not everybody text messages. We wanted to make sure everybody got that message, and [with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions,] 100% of our drivers did.

Finally, there’s no confusion: “It’s time-stamped. There is no disputing whether they knew about it or not. It is 100% communicated.”

#3, #4, and #5: Decrease Unsafe Driving, Improve CSA Scores, and Get Help.

By decreasing driver resistance, increasing participation, and keeping training sessions brief and frequent, driver training improves, more material is retained, and you have safer drivers on the road. This improves your CSA scores and keeps your drivers ready for DOT inspections. These are the results John Banman, Owner of SEM Tex Express, found:

Since we started using the system in June of 2011, our unsafe driving scores have dropped from 82.3% to 68.8% and our fatigued driving (HOS) scores have dropped from 66% to 44%. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is a very user-friendly product and has been beneficial to my company. My customer service representative is always knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to take my call.

Our system is simple to use, and each of our clients is connected to their own representative who sees them through implementation, helps fit their training needs with our tools, advises on strategy, and is on call for any need that arises.

#6 and #7:  Streamline and Get Numbers Up — Across the Board.

Our clients find their numbers improving in several areas, which means they’ve saving major time and money; fuel efficiency means less fuel cost, better safety scores mean fewer fines and fees, automatic documentation means mitigating costly legal risks;, and more efficient training means more time on the road and less expense to the company.

Since your business is interconnected, one improvement often leads to another. Here’s how Vern Edwards, Director of Safety at ABCO Transportation, Inc., saw dramatic changes all around:

We work with LTL, truckload, refrigerated carriers, brokerage, and freight forwarders. When we started the program, it was related just to the drivers. Over the last seven years, we’ve incorporated it throughout the whole corporation. Not only are we doing more with less, but the quality is better.

We are doing real tracking, real monitoring, and we can measure our goal standards step-by-step. It’s affected our OR, our accident ration, our driver retention. It’s been a cornerstone to our safety culture. We’ve reduced our accident ratio by 52% in the last 4 years. Our driver turnover rate has been reduced by over 85%. Fuel economy has been increased by 7%.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions makes me look very smart and very engaged. It makes me proud of what we’ve done together.

No harm in a little personal benefit, too! 

#8, #9, and #10: Help Management, Integrate with Bonuses, and Improve Orientation.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions also allows managers to integrate compliance with bonus strategies to stimulate increased completion rates. This is how Jay Thomas, VP of Safety at Navajo Express, Inc., put it to work and saw a 55-70%+ increase in participation:

Navajo Express uses a 5 cent per mile safety bonus wherein at the end of each month Navajo safety reports whether or not the drivers have had any CSA violations, preventable accidents, or HOS violations, and have completed their monthly safety training. Driver Managers are also incentivized by the percentage of drivers who have completed their safety training. Before implementing Infinit-I Workforce Solutions as criteria for obtaining the bonus, our completion rate was less than 5%. Today, we are averaging 100% on office personnel and between 60- 75% on drivers.

Our system has also helped Navajo Express, Inc. streamline their staff orientation and help keep it comprehensive, including items like sexual harassment, active shooter, and HOS.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is a holistic communications system that empowers your trucking company to build and keep compliance. It’s quick to onboard and easy to implement. Request your free demo today!