FMCSA Issues Emergency Declaration Due to Pipeline Cyberattack

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives emergency relief from hours-of-service regulations again. This is for East coast carriers involved in refined petroleum supply chains. Colonial Pipeline experienced a cyber-attack. They have extensive operations across many states.

The declaration helps all drivers and motor carriers operating in the affected region. It gives them a more secure system. Now, they have the ability to use safety information as a decision-making factor.

The declaration does not relieve certain regulations or requirements. Carriers are still required to follow drug and alcohol regulations. Commercial driver’s license and size/weight requirements still apply, per FMCSA.

Colonial Pipeline announced that it remains primarily offline after the cyberattack. The company has determined the incident involved ransomware.

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a temporary declaration. It facilitates the flow of fuel across the Atlantic seaway. This has become a source of increasing concern due to the high traffic volume.