Meet the Team

Jay Wommack, CEO

Jay Wommack


Jay is the mind behind Vertical Alliance. A veracious learner, entrepreneur, and dedicated leader, Jay never backs down from a challenge. He believes that you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to with hard work.

Jay graduated from Hendrix College in 1978 majoring in accounting and economics. After a brief stint in the banking business, Jay moved to the oil fields in central Texas where he owned and operated a saltwater disposal company. In the early 1980s, Jay returned to his hometown of Texarkana, TX, where he earned his brokerage license and began an 18-year career as a stockbroker and financial advisor.

It was in the early 2000s that Jay began exploring the internet as the new frontier of business. Soon after, he began his work in safety training development and felt he had finally found his calling. Since then, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has provided customizable online training and communication tools for thousands of clients across the country

When Jay isn’t hard at work, he enjoys riding horses and spending time with his wife, Mary, children, and grandchildren.

Karen Parker COO & EVP

Karen Parker


As the COO and Jay’s right-hand woman, Karen is who you call when you need stuff done (even if sometimes that requires the odd hounding and hollering).
Highly competitive, she’s not afraid of a good bet (and often wins). She usually wins “the dollar” in bets with Jay.

Previously, Karen was with Walsh Pharmaceuticals in Customer Service, then Sales, then IT. 20 years ago, Karen joined the Vertical Alliance team and hasn’t been able to shake us yet!
Outside of work, she is an award-winning Corvette enthusiast. If you see a flash of blue down a highway in East Texas, it might be her.

Randy Sturdivant

Randy Sturdivant

EVP, New Markets

As the EVP of New Markets, Randy lives in a world of possibilities. He introduces the Infinit-I platform to new audiences as a powerful tool that goes far beyond driver training–empowering businesses to use it for anything from improving their operations, increasing sales, improving customer service, and much more.

A leader and mentor to all, Randy inspires each and every person he meets to be the best that they can be!

Randy’s been working with us for 15 years. He started in our sales team, evolved into the head of business development and strategic partnerships, and now explores the future of Infinit-I in new markets.

Randy is playing tennis or working on his golf stroke when he’s not exploring the many ways of implementing training solutions in various industries. He has a wide competitive streak and loves a little challenge!

Judd Wommack VP of Sales

Judd Wommack

VP of Sales

From studying metrics to finding new ways to improve sales performance, Judd’s job is to continually think of how he can improve the business and create a work environment that encourages success.

An expert communicator who excels at speaking with clients to determine their needs, Judd has been working with the Vertical Alliance team since he was a boy. Before he was an employee, it was how he earned his allowance. For 14 years, he worked his way up the ranks, from licking envelopes to SEO, to the sales team, before finally reaching his current position. He knows the company inside and out!

When he’s not revolutionizing the sales process and encouraging his team, Judd is a loving husband and father to a 15-month-old. He likes to stay busy and enjoys movies (so much that he’s writing an original screenplay), playing the guitar, wood-turning, and fishing.

Lydia Wommack Director of Marketing

Lydia Wommack

Director of Marketing

Lydia’s goal is to build a Business Family by finding like-minded clients who are passionate about improving themselves and their companies. Always seeking innovation and a better way of doing things, she uses her natural ability to connect with people to invite industry thought leaders to the table. She is the ultimate partner for our clients and enjoys helping them achieve their definition of success!

Before joining VAG, Lydia worked at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, where she built their corporate funding program. As the Assistant Director for Institutional Giving and Global Partnerships, she raised approximately $13M/year in support of the Museum’s programs and general operations (and helped clients expand their brand exposure to creatives and museum-goers).

When COVID hit, she, her husband, 8-week old son decided to hunker down with family in Texas for the 10-day “stop the spread” quarantine. Months later, they decided to make a move permanent so their son could grow up with his family and embrace his role as an 8th-generation Texan.

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Randy Mitchell

Director of IT

Randy manages the IT infrastructure and teams to support and maintain the Infinit-I platform, from software to hardware and everything in between.

Randy is a genius when it comes to breaking very technical concepts down without coming across as condescending – something that his non-technical team members and clients greatly appreciate.

Randy is an Air Force veteran and previously worked at Mary Kay (we told him we’d get him a pink Cadillac when we reach 100% uptime. He’s almost there!), but he has been working with the Vertical Alliance team for nearly 20 years. He is the mind behind the first and second versions of the Infinit-I platform. Recently, Randy and his team have reimagined the Infinit-I platform with a focus on ease-of-use and functionality.

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Steve Kessler

Market Development & Support Manager

If you’re looking for experience and tenacity, Steve’s got it. With over 40 years of experience as a sales rep, manager, trainer, and consultant, he’s worked with hundreds of companies in various industries.

Over his 19 years at Vertical Alliance Group, Steve has been responsible for sales rep recruiting, training, and support of the sales team. He also hosts and presents at our Safety Training Boot Camp Events.

Since coming to Vertical Alliance Group, Steve has consulted with and trained recruiters, safety managers, and operations personnel at hundreds of trucking companies and private fleets around the country. He’s been instrumental in maximizing the client’s recruiting efforts, improving overall company safety, and increasing their bottom-line results.

Steve and his wife Cathy enjoy traveling with their grandchildren, rescuing dogs, and growing a variety of plants.

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Jeremy Rose

Video Production Manager

Jeremy has worked with Vertical Alliance Group for fifteen years. For the past five, he has maintained the role of Video Production Manager. Through his tenure with the company, he has gained experience in client service, database management, search engine optimization, technical production, and marketing. Because of his time in these various roles, Jeremy is a Video Production Manager who understands the content needs of our clients.

Jeremy leads a dedicated team of researchers, scriptwriters, cinematographers, and editors that utilize their cumulative years of experience to produce the best training materials for our platform. He also oversees our content health team, where his eye for detail and investigatory nature help keep Infinit-I’s content up to date-and consistently modernized.

Jeremy enjoys creativity in all its forms, as well as hiking, the beauty of nature, reading, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons.