Business Training Management System

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Hundreds of companies utilizing our powerful employee training program have reported increased revenue, streamlined communication, and reduced their training costs by an average of 50 – 70% or more.

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Learner Management System (LMS) Return on Investment (ROI):

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Infinit-I Benefits to our Training Management System

Customizable learning management system to fit your business-specific needs

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is the expert in the digital enhancement of employee learning and business productivity. A learning management system (LMS) is an employee training software that digitally transforms your company training and communication. Our specialized LMS for business improves your company’s administrative efficiencies while maximizing your business outcomes.

Why do I need a learning management system?

Ask yourself these questions:


Company Wide Communication

Do your employees have access to a single source for training, policies, and announcements?


Protection from Litigation

If you had to go to court tomorrow, do your training records demonstrate an ongoing culture of training and safety?


Automated Reporting

Can you easily generate training reports by individual employee, by groups of employees, by location or by job function?

If you answered No to one or more of these questions, then your company will significantly benefit from implementing a learning management system.

“Considering the ‘cost-per-class’, Infinit-I had the best value. They constantly develop new training programs, and I can even send videos and company specific presentations to Infinit-I, and they add them to my company’s specific training portal. Their customer service and technical support have been outstanding.”
EH&S Compliance Manager Action Resources
Douglas Carothers

Business Learning Management System Features

Digitally Transform your Employee Training

Microlearning training content improves employee comprehension

Infinit-I training modules are an average of three to seven minutes long, which improves your employees ability to comprehend and remember the material.

Branded, white labeled site custom for your business

Each Infinit-I client receives a white labeled website that displays only their company logo and colors.

Cloud based, mobile platform available 24/7

Never worry about software installation or maintenance: our cloud-based platform is available 24/7, on any device that has internet access (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.)

800+ training videos in our Video Library

Clients of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions receive unlimited access to over 800 training modules and videos from our video content library.

Advanced, automated reporting and documentation

Documented training protects your business in a court of law. Infinit-I’s advanced reporting can be customized and automated.

One website to house all your employee training and company-wide communication

Utilize your centralized training system for your entire company communication: post company updates, employee achievements, corporate newsletters, company calendar, and more.

Infinit-I adds any extra administrative assistant to your company, at no extra cost

Our mission is to become a trusted extension of your business who strengthens your company/employee relations, while progressively impacting your bottom line. Each client of Infinit-I is assigned a Dedicated Client Success Representative that trains your staff in how to implement our system, and constantly reviews your account for more ways to increase the ROI for your business. Learn more about the expertise of our Client Success team.

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Who in your company will benefit from employee training software?

  • Presidents & CEOs rest easier knowing their business is protected from legal and compliance pitfalls.
  • HR Directors enjoy faster and more effective ways of onboarding new hires. Plus, they reap the benefits of automating annual training.
  • Risk Managers enjoy knowing that plans are in place to reduce risk that could impact the company’s profitability.
  • Safety Managers appreciate being able to ensure everyone in the company complies with health and safety laws.
  • Employees benefit from having one place to receive training, newsletters, announcements, policies, procedures, and other communication.

ROI for Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Case Study

SRT utilized the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions learning management system to deliver customized training about SRT’s billing processes. Their digitally transformed online training reduced billing errors and un-billed charges, while increasing the collection of past due receivables.

“Infinit-I Workforce Solutions actually helps us identify our future best employees. Shortly after launching the system, we discovered that the applicants who finish the online process have a level of self-discipline that translates into a superior driver. It weeds out those individuals who aren’t serious about their careers. We knew Infinit-I would be cost effective… but what we did not anticipate was the human resource value.”
Southern Refrigerated Transport
Jim Dodd, CFO