Construction Industry Training Management

The Infinit-I Workforce system provides digital solutions for any business that benefits from employee training software with

We have training options to help from orientation, to ongoing training, to corrective action needs so you can maintain safety at your construction sites.

We’re not a technology company or an employee training software company: we are a Client Success Company.

Three-Part Employee Training System

Learning Management System

Easy-to-use platform that employees can access from any device with an internet connection.

Track employee progress to verify participation and see how well employees understand the training material.

Access automated reports with date and time stamps to analyze user data, prove training measures, and ensure training goals are met.

Employee Development Content

Access a full library of content developed to address common workplace issues including regulatory needs, safety, and employee productivity.

Include company-specific expertise into your training program with custom content.

Add licensed content, Youtube videos, public domain content, or any other 3rd party training materials available to your company to round out training needs.

Full Admin Support

Access a dedicated client success team to help you setup your training site and guide you through ongoing admin needs.

Get technical support for users and admins to answer any questions about he platform and guide through reports.

Contact your team to get expert knowledge to help address your specific needs.

Infinit-I Catalog for Employee Engagement Accident Prevention for Medium to Light Vehicle Fleets

Infinit-I Catalog Employee Engagement for Worker Safety and Injury Prevention Training

Infinit-I Catalog Employee Engagement for Occupational Safety and Health Administration Training

Infinit-I Catalog Employee Engagement for Human Resources Training

Infinit-I Catalog for Employee Engagement Food Safety Modernization Act Sanitary Transportation Rules

Infinit-I Catalog Employee Engagement for Truck Driving Safety Training

Infinit-I Catalog Employee Engagement for Spanish Speaking Training

Infinit-I Catalog What Makes Microlearning Effective - The Science Behind Microlearning Techniques

TRAINING TO EMPOWER YOUR CONSTRUCTION EMPLOYEES & MAINTAIN SAFETY will help you develop a full training program, including orientation, ongoing, and corrective action needs.

Put together a pre-orientation training schedule to prepare new hires on what to expect.

Provide frequent and consistent training to maintain positive employee behaviors and improve comprehension on important safety and regulatory information.

Add corrective action training to enforce best practices.

Access a video library with short 5-7-minute videos designed to improve employee participation and comprehension.

A Comprehensive Training Platform Designed to Meet All Your Training Needs

  • Drive right employee behaviors in every department
  • Improve employee retention
  • Train remote employees
  • Improve training consistency across multiple facilities
  • Reduce exposure to regulatory compliance issues
  • Reduce injury-related risks