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Infinit-I Workforce Solutions’ Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to work on any digital device with internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Get drivers on the road faster with quicker onboarding. Keep them on the road with an online training management system that is simple to access and easy to navigate.

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The training management system you need to make training easy and accessible for everyone with the support of a team dedicated to your training success.

There are no tiers of support or additional fees to gain access to our client success team! The dedicated team responds quickly to client support needs, and they stay up to date on industry trends to provide real solutions to meet your needs.

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Whether you are a safety manager, fleet safety coordinator, or anyone else involved in coordinating a training program, the Infinit-I training management system provides the benchmarking tools you need to help track and optimize your training program for improved company risk management.

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Since 1999, we have been dedicated to improving client ROI. Utilizing our web-based solutions improves performance across the entire business.

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The Infinit-I System Provides Simple Improvements & Solutions to Make Training & Risk Management Easier for You

At Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, we go for functionality over flash. We listen to our clients to provide improvements that will meet real needs rather than chasing after the next big trend.

Infinit-I introduces tech advances that improve training without making updates difficult to implement and navigate. Some of these solutions include API capability so you can connect multiple tools, making workflow tracking and coordination easier for admins.

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Safety Management System (SMS) Content Readily Available to Meet All Your Needs

With a large library of frequently updated content, and custom content capabilities, your safety supervisor and other administrative staff can make company-wide training and communications almost automatic.

Our library consists of short, easy to retain videos, accessible from any device anywhere. You can provide frequent, ongoing training that will help you develop a strong company culture and join a growing group of companies that have optimized their enterprise learning management training programs.

What is a Safety Management System?

Safety Management System (SMS) is a training management platform that provides tools designed to improve and optimize safety risk in the workplace to prevent people from getting hurt. These SMS tools should be accessible anytime and anywhere on all digital devices.

Infinit-I’s safety management system takes a businesslike approach to training that is systematic and comprehensive for managing safety risks that should be a part of the culture and the way employees do their jobs.

There are three necessities for implementing a safety management system in your business: ethical, legal, and financial.

1. Businesses are obligated to ensure that work activities are safe.
2. Requirements defined by all jurisdictions on how safety is to be achieved.
3. Substantial evidence which shows that safety management can reduce the financial exposure and damage to organization by reducing accidents.

To address these three elements, an effective SMS should:

  • Define how the organization is set up to manage risk.
  • Identify workplace risk and implement suitable controls.
  • Implement effective communications across all levels of the organization.
  • Implement a process to identify and correct non-conformity and non-compliance issues.
  • Implement a continual improvement process.

The foundation of Infinit-I’s safety management system are effective risk management tools that provide any organization the ability to identify and target elevated risk areas, assess, evaluate, assign corrective actions, and documented within the safety management system easily accessible for audits.

Quality training is essential to maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of your employees and team. Our safety training solution helps companies develop a culture of excellence while delivering a practical, impactful, and engaging experience. Our easy-to-follow, proven safety awareness training model and SMS tools are designed to increase business success and mitigate risks.