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Position Your Team For Success With Infinit-I’s Enterprise Learning Management System

Custom Online Training Solutions to Maximize Employee Efficiency

Infinit-I’s versatile platform allows you to upload company policies and industry-specific content to train your team on the topics that matter most to you. Or, take advantage of our vast library of content on everything from OSHA to human resources and beyond – it’s all included!

Our System Works With Any Industry

Our fully customizable training platform ensures that developing and distributing training through our system is a cinch.

Integrate 3rd Party Tools With Ease

Infinit-I is designed to use alongside 3rd party tools, so you can smoothly incorporate the systems you already have in place.

Effortlessly Manage Training Across Departments

Our groups, templates, and advanced scheduling allow you to organize and track your employees’ progress by departments, locations, and classifications.


Seamlessly Share Your Custom Content

Have your own training, documents, and tests? We’ve designed our system so that you can easily incorporate your existing content..

Employee training that’s as effective as it is efficient.

We are the pioneers of safety training technology. Using our 3 Safety Pillars, your employees will not only complete training; they’ll retain it. Through frequent and consistent training that sticks, you will not only improve performance and productivity, but you will mitigate the risk of costly claims and lawsuits.

3 Safety Pillars


  • Onboard new employees consistently and quickly
  • Assign company policies and SOPs
  • Reduce orientation time with streamlined training
  • Get new employees working faster

Ongoing Monthly Training

  • Reinforce behaviors and [standards/policies/skills] with frequent training
  • Increase participation by using short videos
  • Improve employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Reduce work-related risks such as injury or harassment

Corrective Action Training

  • Respond quickly and consistently to coachable behaviors
  • Reduce the likelihood of repeated workplace incidents
  • Improve your insurance rates and workers’ comp claims
InfinitiI Features Man on Screen

Better Training in a Fraction of the Time

Our microlearning approach allows employees to complete training quickly and efficiently while retaining what they’ve learned.

Training Support That’s Just A Phone Call Away

Full access to your Client Success Team to assist in setup and implementation and provide technical support.

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