At Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, we are passionate about ensuring drivers get home safely. Our short safety training videos are proven to help trucking companies:

  • reduce accidents 18%
  • reduce driver violations 20%
  • reduce training costs 50%
  • reduce turnover 50%

In fact, our program saves 1,000 lives every year across our 1,500 clients and 300,000 users. 

Safety training anytime, anywhere. That’s Infinit-I Workforce Solutions. 


We believe safer drivers are better drivers. And a strong safety culture leads to reduced CSA scores and accidents. Safer drivers can earn your company preferred pricing from insurance partners like Nationwide E&S.  

For a limited time, we are offering a Complimentary TrialTry us for 30 days and we’ll prove to you how our 1000+ short videos, paperless documentation, and five-star customer service drives significant business impact for our delighted clients. 

Safer Drivers Save Money. Let’s Build Your Safety Culture.

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Our Partnership with Nationwide E&S

Our partnership with Nationwide E&S is a new and promising relationship to provide the best online training solution for all Nationwide E&S insureds. Through the combined efforts and expertise of both companies, we’ve been able to help create safer, more insurable customers across the board.

We believe safer drivers are better drivers. And a strong safety culture leads to reduced CSA scores and accidents. Safer drivers can earn your company preferred pricing from insurance partners like Nationwide E&S. 

Implementation of effective training starts with a system that provides a quick and easy delivery of the training your employees need.  

For a limited time, we are offering a complimentary trial to Nationwide E&S clients. Try us for 30 days and we’ll prove to you how our over 1,000 video library, paperless documentation, and five-star Client Success team. 

Streamline Your Onboarding and Orientation: 

  • Reduce orientation time by 33-50% 
  • Reduce onboarding costs by up to 50% 
  • Pre-qualify new drivers 
  • Reduce driver turnover 
  • Provide consistent training and communications through the driver orientation process 

An Ongoing Training Program that Provides Real ROI: 

  • Preferred insurance rates 
  • Reduced CSA violations and accidents 
  • Increased litigation support 
  • Reduced overages, shortages, and damages 

Simplify Corrective Action Training: 

  • Assign immediately 
  • Automate and customize 
  • Track progress 
  • Easily report 

Our proven method of microlearning can increase the amount of training sessions per driver/per year, and greatly increase participation and completion rates, keeping safety at the forefront of the driver’s mind. 

At Infinit-I, your training success is our top priority. We will work with you to create a comprehensive implementation plan that will help ensure your success from Day 1. Together, we will customize your individualized training site to meet your needs in reporting, administrative settings, and training based on your goals and objectives. 

Our Client Success team will help you identify your strategy and work with you on a monthly basis to ensure deployment is as easy and efficient as possible. 

Special offers for RJS Trucking Insurance Services clients: 

  1. 30-day trial offer 
  2. 10% discount 
  3. A free trip to Boot Camp (if eligible)  

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Nationwide E&S

Nationwide E&S is a leading provider of fleet insurance solutions that represents major insurance companies, specialty markets and captives serving the trucking and towing industries. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the challenges trucking and towing companies face, that’s why we take a look at the big picture and unique details to customize a program designed for client success.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions offers a cloud-based learning management system focused on creating safe truck driver habits. With the industry’s largest resource library, truck drivers can access 850+ training courses specifically designed for truck drivers.