Hazmat Training: Entry Level to Renewal, You are Covered

All The Hazmat Driver Training You Need to Get and Keep Drivers Certified

As an FMCSA approved training provider for ELDT curriculum, Infinit-I has the tools you need to train drivers to get their hazmat endorsement. Drivers seeking this endorsement can complete hazmat training in a fraction of the time, so you can get them on the road faster.

We also have everything you need to prepare drivers for hazmat endorsement recertification. Monitor license expiration dates, and schedule hazmat training with the Infiniti-I Workforce system.

All employees who handle or ship hazardous materials, those who process hazardous materials paperwork, and supervisors of those employees must receive training on hazardous materials, the subdivisions, and more.

Infiniti-I has modules that cover hazardous materials training, hazmat general awareness, hazmat motor carrier security, and creating and implementing a hazmat transport security plan and team.

Our videos average 3-8 minutes in length, making the information easier to absorb and retain.

Infinit-I Can Meet All Your Training Needs


Meet Infinit-I Workforce Solutions for Trucking.

Infinit-I Can Meet All Your Training Needs

The Infinit-I training management system includes bite-sized instruction on the safety topics that are important to you. From hazmat driver training to safe driving, the online training modules are available anywhere, anytime. No more setting up centralized travel, scrambling to find training topics, or chasing paper trails.

Reduce your company’s risk with an all-inclusive program built to take care of you and your teams. Are you ready to improve:

  • Your insurability?
  • Your culture of safety?
  • Driver onboarding ?
  • Hazmat training?
  • Training attendance?
  • Training documentation?
  • Company profits?
  • Your overall business?

Let Infinit-I work with you to put a training program in place that meets all your safety and other training needs. This includes easy tracking and reporting. Get notified when hazmat certification or other licenses need to be updated. Track training progress and keep up with all training records in one place.

Training Management Reporting and Tracking

Easy Reporting and Tracking

Our easy-to-use system allows you to track training progress in real-time and access in-depth reporting. You can easily manage training and spot trends to plan training needs before they become a problem.

  • 1,000+ Training Videos
  • Quizzes to Track Comprehension
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Full Third-party Tracking
  • Custom Content
  • Assignment Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • API Integration Capabilities

The Infinit-I Difference

Is Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Right For You?

The Infinit-I library allows drivers to complete training using bite-sized chunks of information, making it easier for them to complete, understand, and retain the information. Whether it’s hazmat training, orientation, ongoing, or corrective action training, you can ensure driver training is completed without disrupting busy schedules.

Infinit-I has the training content you need to deal with all your safety training needs. Our large library covers CSA BASICs, defensive driving, vehicle maintenance, pre- and post-trip inspections, hazmat driver training, and so much more. Our training videos help you cover everything you need to increase insurability and reduce the threat of litigation.

Not sure where to start? Download our Safety Training Essentials checklist.

For more information about the importance of hazmat training and important areas to cover, check out the CSA Hazmat Violation Chart.