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Research shows drivers decide within the first 72 hours of truck driver orientation if, and why, they’ll leave their new employer.

The same research found that “truck driver orientation meetings are what drivers dislike the most about changing jobs.”

In an era of high driver turnover, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if your drivers are sitting in a classroom for hours and days on end, listening to lectures, filling out paperwork, and desperately waiting for the next break.

You need an truck driver orientation that makes a good first impression. Your drivers deserve an onboarding process that allows them more time to focus on hands-on training and in-person conversations. Hundreds of trucking companies have made this possible with the Infinit-I Workforce System.

Our proven system breaks down the truck driver orientation outline into three easy-to-digest segments:

  • Pre-Orientation
  • On-Site Orientation
  • Post-Orientation

Call us today to learn how you can save money and get drivers on the road faster by putting portions of your orientation online for drivers to complete before they arrive at your yard.

If you’re ready to get rolling, contact us by filling out the form on this page, or by calling us at 866-904-5057 to request a demo.

Meet Infinit-I Workforce Solutions for Trucking.

Meet the Infinit-I Workforce System for Trucking

This turnkey system includes bite-sized instruction modules available anywhere at any time. No more setting up centralized travel, scrambling to find training topics or chasing paper trails.

Reduce your company’s risk with an all-inclusive program built to take care of you and your teams. Call us at 866-904-5057 or fill out the form if you’re ready to improve:

  • Your insurability
  • Your culture of safety
  • Faster truck driver orientations & onboarding 
  • Safety training
  • Training attendance 
  • Compliance documentation
  • Company profits
  • Your overall business

Training Management Reporting and Tracking

Reporting and Tracking

Our powerful system features bite-sized instruction modules and in-depth reporting. You can quickly manage training by exceptions and spot trends in compliance training before they become a problem.

  • 800+ Training Videos
  • Training Quizzes
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Company-wide Reports
  • Company Scorecards
  • Documentation
  • Full Third-party Tracking
  • Custom Content
  • Assignment Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • API Integration

What Do We Offer?

The Infinit-I Workforce System Advantage

Engauge Truck Driver Safety Training

Engage Evaluation Program

Stop wondering what online training can do for your company, and find out for yourself when you attend a free Engage Evaluation Program.  With hands-on classes designed to illustrate how and why to implement online training, it’s the fastest way for you to discover what your training program should look like and what it can do for your company specifically, all while networking with like-minded transportation professionals.

Infinit-I Fasttrac Intensive Training

Fastrac Intensive Training

Our Fastrac onboarding program ensures you have immediate success setting up and using the Infinit-I Workforce System.  Our team will help you create an implementation plan and then walk you step-by-step through how to use the system.  From importing your first user list to scheduling your first assignment, Fastrac is designed to get you up and running quickly.

Platform Technology

Empower your entire team with an online training system built with the end-user in mind.  In addition to centralized access to training records and materials, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll also enjoy reduced training times and increased efficiency across your entire company.

Responsive HTML5 technology means training videos and tests are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Our cloud based training platform means you never have to worry about installation or maintenance.

In a mobile-friendly world, your employees will love our short, yet comprehensive, training videos.

Safety Compliance & Accountability Management System

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