Why Choose Us

Training Management Benefits That Set The Bar Higher

We love this industry and the people in it: that’s why we’ve been helping companies like yours get the training and resources they need to excel for over 20 years. We’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart by providing not just the best training management benefits, but also the best support and partnership for our clients.

An Old-Fashioned “People First” Approach

Get the help you need from people who actually answer with our Client Success Team.

The Risk Mitigation Training You Need

Lower your odds of litigation, fines, accidents, and rising insurance costs.

Seasoned Experts In The Transportation Industry

Learn more in less time with our state-of-the-art training management system.

The Stakes Are Real

When 80,000 pounds of freight and equipment are barreling down the highway, there is a lot to lose. We’ll help you reduce risk and improve safety–without breaking the bank.

Partners First

Your Client Success Team is committed to doing everything within their power to ensure your success–including responding to your requests within 24 hours. We value hard work, and it shows.


Our courses are less than 10 minutes long, so your drivers can get back on the road more quickly. We’ve had drivers train while they’re refueling or on detention time. This saves them time and saves you money.

Infinit-I’s Training Management Benefits At A Glance

How We Equip You For Success:

  • Implementation tips to get your drivers comfortable using our training management system
  • Personalized recommendations to improve performance based on industry regulations
  • Quarterly consultations for proactive planning
  • Assistance with all administrative functions
  • Tech support for drivers






“The customer service is outstanding. There isn’t any company that I’ve ever worked with, no matter what service they’re offering, that has customer service like Infinit-I. They make your job a whole lot easier. It’s really beneficial. It’s like having an extra safety person there.”

– Jay Thomas, Executive Director, SUPER SERVICE, LLC

We crunched some numbers…

We’ve reduced…

CSA violations by up to 50%
Accident costs by up to 50.7%
Training costs by up to 50%
Accidents by at least 18%
Driver turnover up to 85%
Overages, shortages, and damages
Overall office expenses

Entrenas en Español

We’re pleased to provide Spanish translations of most training content.

Download Our Spanish Catalog