How Infinit-I Helped Reduce Accident Costs by 50.7% Yearly

BR Williams Trucking Warehousing Logistics Workplace accidentBR Williams is a trucking, warehousing, distribution, and logistics company based in Alabama with 156 drivers. Allan Hicks is their Vice President of Operations and the 2020 American Trucking Association’s Safety Director of the Year.

BR Williams was having trouble getting all drivers in for face-to-face safety training at the same time. They were also facing a large number of preventable accidents per year and excessive workplace accident costs affecting their bottom line.

lnfinit-I Workforce Solution’s learning management system provided the tools needed to ensure all employees receive mandatory training. BR Williams was able to provide safety training, give access to new company policies, and include corrective action training to reduce workplace accident issues.

Infinit-I is dedicated to improving safety in the heavily regulated and litigated transportation industry. It is important to have up-to-date, ongoing training that is documented and easily accessible, and Infinit-I has the tools available that allowed BR Williams to meet these needs.

Implementing Training Solutions to Meet Real Needs

Holding face-to-face safety meetings that are accessible to everyone is a problem and requires hours of scheduling to pull off successfully. BR Williams needed a new training protocol that is easily adoptable, customizable, and adaptable to fit into the schedules of executives and drivers.

With an upward trend in preventable workplace accident issues, costs were soaring, and we’ve found the best way to lower those costs is ensuring that drivers have ongoing safety training and reminders.

Mr. Hicks bought videos to try to tackle this training predicament but realized that those got old, and he would have to buy new ones. Software programs also required updates, at additional costs, to stay current.

He needed a way to ensure that along with the regulated safety training, employees and drivers could get information specific to their company.

How do we make training efficient and effective? What do we bring to the table that other training systems do not? It’s all in the details.