Infinit-I Helps Reduce Training Costs

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is an online training management system that allows you to provide frequent and consistent online training throughout the year, while significantly reducing the costs of your employee training program.

Up to 80% of your training needs can be met with our online training, cutting costs on travel, food, and trainers’ salaries; while increasing driver participation.

Our dedicated Client Success team is available to answer your questions and provide suggestions for how to get the most out of your training, at no additional cost!

With a free ROI assessment, we can let you compare the results of your current training cost with the cost of utilizing Infinit-I to reduce your in-person training days and training expenses. The final result is the anticipated ROI.

This analysis is an estimate based on the information provided by your company. Any gaps in information will be filled in using industry averages and the minimum expected achievements reached by other Infinit-I Workforce Solutions clients.   

ROI results calculated by:
Estimated Per Year Savings – Net Annual Cost of Infinit-I = Net Savings
Net Savings / Net Annual Cost of Infinit-I = ROI 

Infiniti-I is a training, learning, & safety management system that empowers its users to optimize their training program while reducing training costs.

Start Cutting Training Costs Today

lnfinit-I has a proven record of reducing training costs and can help you do the same with our empowering training management system.