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If you haven’t heard, we are adding another vital component to our content library, and we’re excited to share about our new training offerings this quarter. 

All videos we release from this point forward will be in English and Spanish! We’re currently updating the HAZMAT portion of our library to reflect this new commitment to bilingual training.  


Why Are We Going Bilingual?

We work hard to stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and industry leadership so we can bring you here, too. We currently release a new training video every month, adding to the 850+ videos in our training resources library. We add videos to cover new technologies, stay ahead of the curve on new and developing industry regulations, and just to keep our videos fresh and culturally relevant. (Ex. If a safety video is talking about current safety regulations, it won’t feature a guy wearing a windbreaker suit or driving a cabover!)

With an evolving and highly-multicultural workforce, we’re providing new bilingual training videos to help maximize safety and meet the needs of all your drivers.

Don’t Drivers Need to Know English Anyway?

Absolutely. But if you’ve ever tried to learn another language, you know there are different levels to it. What the law requires is not always what you need to stay ahead.

In the trucking industry, all truckers need to have a working ability to speak and comprehend spoken English, as well as read road signs. But speaking to an officer and reading road signs isn’t the same as technical learning or taking in more complex information. It’s like the difference between having a routine conversation and listening to a complex news program. You’re more likely to miss something unless you go beyond what the law requires.

Plenty of bad and careless drivers speak English flawlessly. Give all your drivers the chance to excel and contribute to your company.

Bilingual Training Builds a Superior Culture of Safety. 

You help drivers move beyond bare legal requirements by giving them opportunities for excellence. Conversations and basic reading can be enough to perform the everyday tasks of a job that keeps a roof over your head and food on the table. Give all drivers a chance to develop professionally while improving your safety scores and covering your bases. Be an industry leader. Equip ALL drivers to be excellent.

Remember, it’s not a matter of drivers being unable to process complex information and perform at a superior level. For drivers who speak Spanish as their primary language, it’s a matter of whether their English is at a level where they can comprehend the words used to describe the complex information. Hearing something in your own language makes it click faster and better, and helps it stick.


It’s about meeting ALL your drivers where they are and giving them what they need to be at their best.

Train and Test en Español for Top Performance.

This is the reality of the trucking industry today. To be a commercial driver in the U.S., you’re required to communicate in English. You need to demonstrate competency. But offering content in Spanish ensures Spanish-speaking drivers can learn without a hitch.  

English competency, combined with training in Spanish, will make sure that your Spanish-speaking drivers are equipped to perform at their top levels. There’s no need to worry about missed communication or whether some of your drivers are pretending to understand the more complex English instruction. We all pretend to “get it” when we’re not at 100%, out of embarrassment or a desire to hurry and get the job done. Is that acceptable when road safety is at stake? Be as thorough as you can so all your drivers can do the same.

At Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, we now offer 170+ training videos and test questions in Spanish. From now on, we will offer all our new videos and training in both languages. 

This is just a sample of the topics we already cover:

  •  Safer driving practices
  •  What to do in accidents/incidents
  •  First aid
  •  Driver mental/physical health and safety
  •  Maintenance, inspections, and safety checks
  •  Communication
  •  Driving scenarios in various conditions
  •  Driving with HAZMAT

For example, our “HAZMAT Packing/Paquetes de Materiales Peligrosos” video, covering DOT requirements for packaging hazardous materials, helps ensure none of these vital safety points slip through the cracks:

  •  Packages and packaging
  •  Packages and their contents
    • – Bulk
    • – Non-bulk
  •  General requirements for packaging and packages
  •  Hazardous materials packaging requirements
  •  Mixed contents
  •  Specification packaging
  •  Specification marking performance levels
  •  Performance testing for non-bulk packages
  •  Additional requirements

Imagine if 100% of your drivers had this level of thoroughness in their regular training schedule. Our clients have seen amazing results.

We release new content every month. We’ve done that without fail. Whenever there’s a chance to train on new laws, techniques, or rules, we’re there to implement them as fast as possible. Don’t stay still or get behind. Stay on top of things that change in the industry so you can inform employees and keep everything up to speed. We want to help you make that easy!

We currently have over 50 million views of our 850+ videos. The videos have all been used along the way by our clients, and most have been viewed many, many times. The whole spectrum of our training materials has been found useful by a number of transport businesses, and a variety of other businesses. 

We invite you to see for yourself. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions brings efficiency and effectiveness to the transportation workforce in a way that works for drivers. Our system onboards quickly, saves our clients money on accidents, litigation, and hiring/training, and integrates perfectly into a variety of businesses. Try a free demo and judge for yourself!