Cindy with ARA Transportation Reviews Infinit-I’s #1 Safety Learning Management System LMS

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Safety Manager with ARA Transportation ReviewsInfinitiWorkforce 5-Stars

Cindy with ARA Transportation Reviews Infinit-I Workforce’s Learning Management System giving it a InfinitiWorkforce 5-Stars

Cindy says, “I rate it a “5”. Our drivers have been waiting for this type of training, we’ve never had any type of training, and they’ve told me at the other companies they previously worked they always did this type of training, so I think it’s working very well for our drivers.
“I can tell you one particular driver who would probably rate it a 5. He called in and needed some help, and he was so surprised that somebody answered. We have had problems with another company that we’ve signed on with that you can’t get a person to answer.”

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