School , HR and Trucking OSHA & Safety Management

Our OSHA and safety training series is designed to help broaden worker and employer knowledge on the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace.

Included Modules

Bloodborne Pathogens

This series of videos covers what to do when in contact with blood or bodily fluids, OSHA compliance, and government regulations regarding blood and bodily fluids.  There are also videos that discuss general hepatitis C overview, lifestyle influences on infection, common on the job risks, risks to first aid providers, vaccines, precautions, personal protection equipment, workplace hazard labeling, exposure risks and control, and OSHA updates on occupational exposure.

Compressed Air

This series of videos discusses compressed air and the equipment powered by compressed air, which can pose hazards and safety concerns.  This section reviews some common pneumatic tools and their safety considerations and potential hazards.

Forklifts & Pallet Jacks

This series includes an overview of rules and certification for forklifts, general types of equipment, OSHA regulations for forklifts, safe handling of wooden pallets, basic safety rules of an electric pallet jack, and reporting unsafe conditions surrounding pallet jacks.

Hazardous Materials

This series includes information that drivers need to stay safe and healthy in their environment when working with formaldehyde, the bonding and grounding of flammable liquids transfers, hazcom basics, hazardous materials clean up, and the shipping of hazardous materials.

Hearing Conservation

This series discusses the parts of the ear and how it works, general hearing problems, understanding decibel level exposure, and how to prevent hearing loss.

OSHA Policies & Violations

This series reviews the top ten OSHA violations and why it’s important for employers to have a written safety and health plan, employees’ right to file a complaint with OSHA, whistleblower rights and protection, how to investigate an accident, and the forming of labor and management safety committees.

Workplace Safety

This series of videos reviews charging batteries safely; safety working with chains, cranes, slings, and hoists; working in confined spaces; handling electricity safely; fire prevention responsibility in your work area; hand and power tool safety; housekeeping in manufacturing; documenting all energy sources and identifying potential safety hazards associated with each machine; machine guarding and conveyors; proper mounting with T-45 tire irons; personal protection equipment; respiratory protection; safe lifting; safe operation of cranes and hoists; tire shop hazards; warehouse safety; and a workplace safety inspection checklist.

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FMCSA Register ELDT Solutions

Infinit-I Workforce delivers ELDT courses on the topics that are necessary to meet FMCSA regulations. The training we provide is continually updated to meet the latest regulations so you will always be prepared.

Included Modules

FMCSA Register ELDT Solutions

Quality training backed by more than 20 years industry experience. Vertical Alliance Group provides online training trusted by both truck drivers and safety trainers. We combine quality and safety to provide training you can trust.

Get Ready for ELDT Requirements with Our FMCSA Registered Training Solutions!

Train Drivers in Core Curriculum

Infinit-I Workforce makes ELDT courses on the topics that are necessary for you to meet FMCSA regulations. The training we provide is continually updated to meet the latest regulations so you know you’ll always be prepared.

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Truckers Against Trafficking

Modern-day slavery, or human trafficking, exists whenever people are bought and sold for forced labor or commercial sex. Around the world, there are an estimated 20.9 million slaves today. Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states, and the number of victims in the United States is estimated in the hundreds of thousands. Truckers Against Trafficking recognizes that members of the trucking industry and individual truckers are invaluable in the fight against this heinous crime. As the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways, you are in a unique position to make a difference and close loopholes to traffickers who seek to exploit our transportation system for their personal gain.

Included Modules

Human Trafficking

These videos discuss human trafficking and what drivers and the industry can do to help combat this global problem.

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On the Job Injury Protection

Proper training can help prevent a lot of the most common on-the-job injuries. Our training videos on common on-the-job injuries combine training on how to prevent some of the most common on-the-job injuries with a unique series we call Real. Life. Lessons.  Produced in conjunction with Midwestern Insurance Alliance, our Real. Life. Lessons. series discusses workers’ compensation related accidents that occur daily in the trucking industry.

Included Modules

Heat Stress Awareness

This series discusses the types of heat stress, prevention of heat stress, and supervisor responsibilities.


This series discusses head injuries, lacerations, fractures, muscle tears, and trips on the job and how to stay aware of potential hazards.

Connecting Gladhands

This is a review of weather related injuries.

Trailer Landing Gear

This series promotes awareness of surroundings to avoid injury on the job related to trailer landing gear.

Behind the Wheel

This series discusses paying attention to weather, being mindful of overhead clearance, not putting too many passengers in the cab, swerving to avoid animal collision, and loose objects in the cab.

Entering & Exiting the Truck Cab

This series reviews the correct ways to enter and exit the truck cab, including paying attention to your footing and checking the ground and surroundings before stepping out.

Health & Wellness

This series reviews how to react when accidents occur, following doctors’ orders, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Inside the Truck

This series reviews the importance of maintaining the cab of the truck.


This series reviews the importance of paying attention to potential hazards while loading/unloading cargo, getting the appropriate help with loading/unloading, personal protective equipment, and proper handling.

Opening/Closing Doors & Boxes

This series discusses safety concerns when opening/closing trailer doors and the importance of securing your load prior to departure.

Truck Maintenance

This series reviews the importance of proper inspections and maintenance to avoid injury.

Fifth-Wheel Release

This series reviews injuries related to fifth-wheel release and how to avoid.

Cargo Securement

This video stresses the importance of preparing muscles for work.

Sliding Tandems

This series explains the paper practice for slider pin release, the importance of communication on the job, and the importance of reporting an injury.

Slips & Trips

This series discusses the importance of being aware of your surroundings in avoiding slip and fall injuries.

Strapping/Changing Flatbed Freight

This series discusses the importance of using proper procedures and being aware of your surroundings when working with flatbed freight.


This series reviews the hazards of working with automatic tarps, tarps, and bungee straps.

Unloading/Assisting/Tailgating Freight

This series reviews hazards of working with others and making sure to communicate at all times.

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Mine Safety & Health Administration | MSHA Training Course

Trucks hauling rock, sand, gravel, limestone, cement, and other products from mines and over the highways pose safety challenges at mines due to their mobility and the pace of activity. This video series addresses training on Federal rules imposed by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA).

Included Modules

MSHA Mining Training

This series addresses training on Federal rules imposed by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), including braking, grade, runaways, off road inspections, and visibility and communication.

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FMCSA Regulations require trucking companies, drivers, and other key personnel to understand and comply with vehicle inspection and safety rules.  Additionally, proper training about vehicle maintenance on things like brake safety, fundamentals of tire wear, and an overall understanding of how trucks operate, may help eliminate accidents and keep drivers and the motoring public safer on the roads.

Included Modules

Brake Safety

This series reviews how antilock brakes work, how to brake, braking safely, and heavy truck braking and braking techniques.

Axles & Tires

This series discusses axle alignment and maintenance and the fundamentals of tire wear and performance.

Truck Safety

This series discusses diesel exhaust fluid, inspecting a drive line, troubleshooting vibrations, and winter weather readiness.

Fleet Maintenance & Litigation

This series reviews the importance of fleet maintenance and the effects that it can have on reducing litigation.

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School Laws & Regulations

Keeping your company safe from litigation is an important part of a compliance and safety program.  Learn about litigation issues, laws governing the transportation industry, and how to safeguard your company and mitigate your risk of litigation through training.

Included Modules

5 Deadly Sins in Trucking

This series reviews the 5 Deadly Sins that can lead to lawsuits and punitive damages awards, including driver negligence, functionally asleep, last clear chance, negligent hiring, and negligent retention.

At the Scene of an Accident

This series reviews why all carriers, safety directors, and drivers should be concerned about litigation, trucking companies as targets of law firms, consistent treatment of drivers and situations, responding to catastrophic accidents, what to gather at the scene of an accident, and care of your driver.

ELD Mandate & Coercion

This series discusses the Electronic Logging Device Mandate, as well as the Driver Coercion Rule and how it effects supervisors.

Intermodal Equipment Provider Rules

This series defines the Intermodal Equipment Provider Rule (IEP), explains requirements pertaining to the IEP, and goes over developing procedures and providing sufficient space for drivers to perform a pre-trip inspection of tendered IME.

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Videos in this category focus on roadside inspections and pre-trip inspections. Roadside inspections are done to check that drivers are in compliance with FMCSA regulations. Pre-trip inspection rules are set by the FMCSA. If an inspection is not done, or steps are overlooked, drivers can receive CSA violations, legal violations, and damage their trucks.  Understanding how to properly do pre-trip inspections can go a long way in ensuring you pass your roadside inspection.

Included Modules

Roadside Inspections

This series discusses what to expect at a roadside inspection, inspection procedures, inspection conduct, and inspection documentation.

Pre-Trip Inspections

This series reviews in detail how to perform a pre-trip inspection, inside and outside of the rig.

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Human Resources Training

Our HR training videos are designed to teach managers and employees how to overcome common challenges in the workplace with a focus on ADA, EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, HIPAA, and Title VII related training topics.

Included Modules

HR Training for Managers

This series teaches managers how to overcome common challenges in the workplace with a focus on ADA, EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, HIPAA, and Title VII related training topics.

HR Training for Employees

This series teaches employees about common HR challenges in the workplace with a focus on ADA, EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, HIPAA, and Title VII related training topics.

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Health & First Aid

Whether it’s keeping your drivers healthy, ensuring they understand their medical cards, or just making sure they know how to administer basic first aid in the event of an injury on the job, the videos in this section are designed to help your drivers stay healthy and safe.

Included Modules

DOT Medical Exams

This series discusses updated medical forms, driver medical certificates, medical certificate rule changes of 2014, and the DOT CMV medical examination requirements checklist.

Fatigue Management

This series discusses fatigue and how to avoid driving while fatigued, as well as sleep apnea and its effects on a professional driver.

Healthy Truckers

This series discusses preventative measures for viruses, nutrition and health, and rest stop exercises.

First Aid Training

This series reviews basic first aid guidelines and Good Samaritan laws regarding various scenarios where first aid may be needed.

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