Kristina Proctor with Grand Island Express Review

What’s your name and who are you with? 

Kristina Proctor and I’m with Green Island Express. 

What is your favorite thing about The Infinit-I Workforce Platform? 

There’s a lot of variety in situations that we do have a rise, so it’s nice to be able to dial in the criteria that would potentially prevent any of the other incidences occurring again or reoccurring. 

What is your favorite thing about Vertical Alliance Group the company? 

I’m putting this together so we can try and get some resolution on things that we think could be better, and then meeting some people behind the scenes and seeing what they’re all about. 

What is your most important take away from The Partner Roundtable? 

I feel like the lawyer was the best part. It’s always nice to get input on what to do and what not to do in situations and what can hurt you and potential options of things that you can do to help your case. Was very useful as far as trying to solve a case as cost efficient as possible. 

If someone was on the fence about attending The Partner Roundtable, what would you tell them? 

Absolutely, you would be able to get any questions answered. They’re willing to improve on certain things that you may not see, and they’re open for input on things you would like to see. 

~Kristina Proctor
Assistant Safety Director
Grand Island Express, Inc.