Corrective Action Training for Immediate Response

Online Corrective Action Training Makes Meeting DOT Requirements Easier

According to the DOT, each corrective action response plan must include:


Violations in question and the causes


Corrective actions in place to deal with violations


Continued actions to prevent violations from recurring

“We use it [Infinit-I] for remedial training. If part of the counseling process we feel that remedial training is called for, we will assign that driver remedial training. We will set a date and a window that they have to complete it by. We get a report saying the driver has completed. It’s a very effective tool.” – Jim Murphy, Safety & Compliance Manager, Lone Star Milk Transport

Corrective action training allows you to improve undesirable behaviors. Online corrective training with Infinit-I lets you assign training immediately and helps reduce accidents and costs.

Simplify Corrective Action Training

Automated and Customizable

Infinit-I gives you the ability to assign the right refresher training to the right employee, at the right time. You can assign corrective training immediately to deal with an issue before a driver gets back on the road.

Progress Tracking

Admins can track a driver’s progress in real-time. You can also set up notifications to help keep track of when incident or accident training is assigned, completed or overdue.

Updated Content Monthly

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has one of the most comprehensive safety training libraries in the transportation industry. You can find the video you need for post accident driver training.

We are the missing link for your DOT corrective action plan. 

Download our flyer, “Top 4 Benefits of Corrective Action Training”


Corrective action training

“We can now single out individual drivers with corrective actions and do more ‘one-on-one’ mentoring and coaching. It has turned out to be one of the greatest safety systems we have put in place with our company. Thank you again for all your company has done for mine. I am looking forward to many years of our companies working together.” – Rob “Stretch” Halterman, Transportation Supervisor, Organically Grown Company

The Right Training Solutions for Whatever Your Need

Infinit-I has a training library available to meet your corrective action, orientation, and ongoing training needs.

Provide orientation training to deal with your most common issues.

Reinforce these lessons with frequent and consistent training through the year.

Deal with post accident or incident needs with training to reinforce your corrective action plan.

Protect your drivers and your company with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions!