Overages, Shortages and Damages OS&D Training

Consistent Training for Consistent Processes

15% of all goods never make it to their final destination. Items either never make it to shipping, or get lost, damaged, or stolen in route.

Overages, shortages, and damages create unexpected costs, delays, and unsatisfied customers.

Consistent training helps your company develop consistent processes to reduce instances of incorrect counts or damaged goods.

Overages, Shortages and Damages OS&D Training

Deliver OS&D Training Without Disrupting Workflows

With Infinit-I’s online training management system, you can provide training to every department involved with your overages, shortages, and damages process without disrupting busy schedules.

All employee training is tracked and recorded, making it easier for you to manage your training program.

With Infinit-I you can use the resource library to upload important OS&D-related documents, making needed documentation accessible to everyone.

The Infinit-I library uses microlearning techniques to focus training on specific topics in short bursts, increasing comprehension and retention. The library includes training on proper cargo securement to ensure drivers remain compliant and reduce damages to shipments.

Overages, Shortages and Damages

Improved Driver Behaviors Reduce Damages and Shortages

Better driving behaviors not only keep your drivers safe, but also reduce the chance of damage or loss during a shipment.

Provide consistent, ongoing training on best driving practices to keep your cargo safe and increase customer satisfaction.

Provide OS&D Training Specific to Your Company’s Needs

You can upload your own OS&D training that deals with company-specific policies, so you have all your training in one place.

You can also create custom content to train on procedures for specific customers. Make sure your drivers know how to deal with any OS&D situations that arise so you can reduce delays and reduce disruptions to your pickups and deliveries.

Reduce OS&D Expenses with Infinit-I

“The formalization of our OS&D process and procedures, including the proper checking and reporting of temperature controlled shipments, the increased effort to properly secure the freight, and an enhanced monitoring of OS&D incidents, has allowed SRT to reduce its OS&D expenses. This has produced a dollar reduction of over 75% for OS&D expenses.”
Southern Refrigerated Transport
Jim Dodd, CFO