Infinit-I Workforce Solutions for School Transportation

Student transportation is among the safest modes of travel in the country, but finding and keeping well-trained school bus drivers isn’t easy.

Video modules in Infinit-I Workforce Solutions’ student and school transportation series are designed to train new school bus drivers, provide corrective action training for current drivers, and inspire behavioral change to improve safety across all school bus fleets.

Features of Infinit-I’s Technology

HTML5 Technology

Responsive HTML5 technology means videos and tests are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Cloud-based training – can be accessed anywhere

Our cloud-based training system means you never have to worry about installation requirements or software maintenance.

Mobile learning

Your staff lives in an on-demand, mobile-friendly world and will love our short, comprehensive training videos that can be accessed by any tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

Seeing is Believing

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How Infinit-I improves safety, saves time, and cuts costs for school transportation

Every day, 480,000 school bus drivers across the United States carry 26 million students more than 340 million miles. Bus drivers play a critical role in the lives and development of each student who rides the bus. While the driver’s priority is to get students to and from school safely, their job involves more than just learning the rules of the road.

Accident prevention training lowers risk

Nationally, an average of 18 children die in school transportation-related crashes each year. That means 18 families have said goodbye to a child at a bus stop, trusting completely that the school system would return them safely home. 18 bus drivers will wake up each day for the rest of their lives wishing they could have done something differently on the day of their crash. Protect your drivers, students, and their families by mitigating accident risk with digital safety training.

Ongoing training helps bus drivers safely manage passengers

Ongoing training keeps bus drivers knowledgeable on how to manage the dozens of children riding their buses. A good training program keeps drivers aware of best practices for providing safety, including any recent changes to legislation. Research shows that investing in good training leads to increased productivity, reduced driver turnover, and a decreased need for supervision.

Save money lost to operating inefficiency

With the annual maintenance and fuel cost to run just one bus averaging around $50,000 a year, it is no wonder school districts are looking for ways to improve operating efficiency. Training is the number one way to ensure your school bus drivers are knowledgeable in the proper maintenance and upkeep of their school bus.

Poorly trained bus drivers make your school district liable for a lawsuit

How confident are you that your school bus drivers are able to handle situations involving bullying, theft, or sexual harassment- which is known to happen every single day on school buses across the nation?

  • What would your driver do if a child suffered a seizure or went into diabetic shock while on the bus?
  • Can your drivers recognize the signs of child abuse?
  • What if a child brings a weapon or drugs onto the bus?
  • Do your drivers know how to prevent injuries and falls while operating their vehicle?

If you’re not 100% certain that your drivers are up-to-date on how to respond to these situations, you need to utilize an employee training software like Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

Video Modules for School Bus Driver Safety Training

  • Bus Stop Safety
  • CDL Training
  • Child Safety Restraints
  • Driving Best Practices
  • Human Trafficking
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Onboard the Bus
  • Recruiting Bus Drivers
  • Routing
  • Special Needs Transportation
  • Student Management

Safety Training for School Districts

Centralize district training resources

  • Choose from over 400 training videos available in our School and HR video content libraries
  • Create training that is specific to your school district and assigns at the district, department, or individual level
  • Upload third-party licensed content that you have the right to share with your staff

Save time related to Human Resources

  • Ensure employee certifications are never expired with easy to access reporting
  • Easily manage professional development training
  • Improve productivity with less downtime for meetings
  • Stop wasting time tracking down staff who missed in-service training or staff meetings
  • Decrease staff time spent filing training reports and documentation

Reduce exposure to increased costs

  • Utilize ongoing awareness training with administrators to reduce legal expenses related to HR compliance
  • Decrease the likelihood of tail-swing and sideswipe accidents with behavioral awareness training
  • Reduce the cost of onboarding new employees by digitally transforming your policies, paperwork, schedules, and other materials