Driver Onboarding

Proven to Increase Retention

Your Onboarding and Orientation Process Can Make or Break Your Company

A new employee’s first impression of your company is critical, and it starts with onboarding and orientation. A driver will decide if they will stay or leave your company within the first 72 hours of orientation.

Your driver onboarding guides new employees through your company’s expectations and goals. This is where they get a first glimpse into how well they will fit in with your company culture.

With the average cost to replace a single truck driver reaching over $10,000, and driver shortages reaching all time highs, it’s more important than ever to give the right first impression so you can retain qualified drivers.

Online orientation with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can cut costs for your onboarding training, reduce orientation time, and provide a great first impression before your new driver ever reaches your doors.

Streamline Your Onboarding and Orientation:

Get to New Hire Full Productivity Faster with Online Orientation

Learn how you can do driver orientation and onboarding training in less time and get them on the road faster with our Online Orientation Outline.


Simplify Onboarding and Orientation

With Infinit-I’s online training and communication tools, you can take care of new hire paperwork before they come in for their first day. You can store custom content such as policies and handbooks in the resources center, so new hires have access to all important documentation before they start in-house orientation.

Provide consistent truck driver orientation training before bringing new hires in to make the onsite process smoother and quicker. You can take care of 80% of the driver orientation process before their first day.

Reduce the time and cost of your new hire orientation and increase employee productivity.

Segment your driver orientation to deliver information clearly & concisely



Complete new hire paperwork, documentation, and 80% of trucking orientation before you even bring your new hire to the office.

Infinit-I allows you to store custom content, so you can give your new employees access to company specific information before they start their in-house driver orientation.


On-Site Training

With the majority of the driver onboarding process done through online orientation, you can focus on tasks that can only be completed face-to-face.

Take days and dollars off your orientation process with Infinit-I. Our clients have been able to cut their onboarding time and costs by 33% to 50%.



Keep consistent, ongoing training going using Infinit-I’s microlearning training videos; proven to increase comprehension and retention, while keeping safety top of mind.

Improve employee morale, productivity, and engagement with Infinit-I.

Good Driver Onboarding and Orientation Leads to Driver Retention

Online Orientation Gets Drivers Connected Quicker

With driver turnover rates nearing 100%, trucking companies need a simple and consistent way to communicate with new hires and get them connected quickly. Truck driver orientation training through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions ensures you can communicate with new hires immediately and provide information the way you intend.

Custom Communication Allows Drivers to Hear Directly from You

Truck drivers care about the state and the culture of the company they are driving for. Infinit-I allows you to communicate directly with your drivers instead of hearing about your company from someone else, so they get an accurate picture of what to expect.

You can create a custom welcome video, provide clear information about your company, and even show a day in the life to enhance the onboarding process and get them excited to work for you.

Online Orientation and Onboarding Allow You to Improve Driver Pre-Qualification

Online orientation allows you to screen new hires and weed out the ones who are not committed to the job. By assigning online orientation through Infinit-I, you can see who’s ready to get started and who will fizzle out.

Retain the drivers who are the right fit for your company and reduce driver turnover.

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