Fast Forward Expert Roundtable Series #33: Recruiting Is Sales

Fast Forward Expert Roundtable #33: Recruiting Is Sales

Recruiting Is Sales

How to create your core story and use the sales process to revamp your recruiting department and get new hires that will want to stay with your company.

Employee recruitment has always been tricky, but with driver shortages increasing each year, attracting the right drivers for your company is even harder.

You want to make sure you are sending the right message about your company and selling your company culture to potential recruits, while making sure they will fit your company needs. This is something many companies are struggling with right now.

Our guest speaker is Jay Wommack, President & CEO of Vertical Alliance Group. He will go over what you need to know about:

• Understanding the sales process
• Managing your recruitment pipeline
• Selling your company, your culture, and your open positions
• Developing your recruitment message
• Creating and using your company brand

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