Fast Forward Webinar Special Edition: How to Get the Buy-in For Your Safety Program to Succeed

Safety Program to Succeed

All In! How to Get the Buy-in For Your Safety Program to Succeed

You know you want a safety program. You NEED one. You wish you had it a week ago, even. But there’s a problem – you’ve never had one before and you need your boss to understand WHY this is important because he signs the check. You need other departments to understand WHY they should participate in remote training because your drivers and staff need to know human resources, and operations, and shop safety training, wherever they are located.

And you need to know HOW to get your drivers to buy-in and participate because they are behind the wheel of your trucks every day of the week.

The good news is you are not alone. Other trucking companies around this country have encountered these same challenges, and we’ve brought some of them together to share HOW THEY DID IT. They share how they got it done, what worked (and what didn’t) to make their safety training a reality, with high participation and real, tangible improvements in safety outcomes.

Learn how training and safety directors conquered the Buy-In Problem to create and sustain their safety culture year-over-year. This webinar features: