Adds 19 New Training Videos for Trucking

Vertical Alliance Group is committed to ensuring you have access to the best training videos in the industry. This month we released 19 new safety training videos for you to utilize. The first two videos are found in the “Trucking Industry” section and focus on fixed object collisions and include the following titles:

Training for Trucking Catalog• Fixed Object Collisions – High Speed
Length: 06:36
This video discusses the common causes and solutions for fixed object collisions that occur at high speeds.
Module: Fixed Object Collisions

• Fixed Object Collisions – Low Speed
Length: 7:33
This video discusses the common causes and solutions for fixed object collisions that occur at low speeds.
Module: Fixed Object Collisions

The next release is also found in the “Trucking Industry” section and focuses on pre-trip approach and maintenance. This video is an updated version of our current

• Pretrip Approach and Maintenance
Length: 06:26
This video explains the importance of a Pre-Trip Inspection and regular maintenance of the vehicle; describes common neglect of the vehicle, and points out how inspection and maintenance play an important role in the mechanics, compliance, and safety of the vehicle.
Module: Pretrip Approach and Maintenance

The next five videos are part of our Real. Life. Lessons. series and include the following titles:

• A Broken Light Leads to a Broken Arm
Length: 02:42
Barry breaks his arm while attempting to replace a clearance light using the wrong equipment. If you are not authorized to perform repairs then do not. If you are, only do so when you have the correct equipment.
Module: Performing Truck/Trailer Maintenance

• Driver Slips on Ice Stepping Into Truck
Length: 02:50
Sam slips on ice attempting to climb into his truck. Remember to come to a complete stop before stepping up while on ice. Otherwise, your body’s forward momentum can cause you to slip.
Module: Entering/Exiting Truck Cab

• Driver Tears Cartilage in Knee Jumping Out of Truck
Length: 02:19
Johnny tears the cartilage in his knee when jumping out of his truck. Never jump from your truck. Always face your truck when exiting and hold on with both hands.
Module: Entering/Exiting Truck Cab

• I Don’t Feel Good – Part 2
Length: 03:26
In this lesson Bubba shares some additional tips on protecting yourself and detecting exhaust leaks.
Module: Inside Parked Truck

Small Cut Leads to Serious Infection
Length: 02:56
Bill loses a finger after he allows a small cut to go untreated and it becomes infected. Always treat wounds, even smalls ones, properly. If you can’t treat it properly, seek medical attention.
Module: Opening/Closing Trailer Door

The final 11 videos are Spanish versions of titles already available to you in English. They can be found in the “New Spanish Videos” Section and include the following titles:

• Driving in the Dark
Length: 07:25
This video discusses the many situations you can encounter while driving at night and how to properly respond to them.
Module: Night Driving

Fighting Fatigue
Length: 05:47
This video discusses how to properly fight nighttime fatigue while driving in the dark.
Module: Night Driving

• Preparing for the Dark
Length: 06:01
This video discusses proper maintenance of your vehicle and your body specifically for nighttime driving.
Module: Night Driving

• The Dangers of Night Driving
Length: 04:40
This video discusses the many dangers of driving during the night time hours.
Module: Night Driving

• Coupling – 2016
Length: 05:47
This video discusses the proper procedures involved in coupling a trailer, including methods of approach and contact and identification of parts and hazards.
Module: Coupling And Uncoupling – 2016

• Uncoupling – 2016
Length: 02:58
This video discusses the proper procedures involved in uncoupling a trailer, including the importance of solid ground, inspection, and personal safety.
Module: Coupling And Uncoupling – 2016

• Danger Close
Length: 02:45
Sean fractures his left wrist while falling out of his trailer. Always remain aware of your proximity to danger.
Module: Performing Truck/Trailer Maintenance

• Hazmat Shoeboxes
Length: 03:15
Harry is injured when part of his shifted load falls on him. Always check the security of your load prior to departure, and treat all loads with respect. Even a shoe box can injure you.
Module: Opening/Closing Trailer Door

• Tarps Plus Wind Equals Parasailing
Length: 03:13
B.J. is severely injured when trying to restrain a tarp on a windy day. Always remain patient and anticipate trouble. Contact dispatch and ask others for assistance if necessary.
Module: Tarping or Untarping

True Cost of a Pallet Jack
Length: 03:13
Connie herniates a disc while pushing freight after she loans out her pallet jack. Make sure you have your material handling aids and use them at all times.
Module: Unloading/Assisting/Tailgating Freight

Twelve O’Clock High
Length: 03:05
Virgil sustains a concussion from falling ice while opening his trailer doors. Always check your blind spots, especially twelve o’clock high, prior to opening trailer doors.
Module: Opening/Closing Trailer Door

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