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Fast & Efficient Safety Training For School Bus Drivers

Online Safety Training Solutions To Protect Our Most Precious Cargo

Recruiting, onboarding, and training school bus drivers is a grueling process. And between tight district budgets and increasing difficulty in finding drivers, the pressure is on. Use Infinit-I for Schools to train your drivers and decrease accident rates within your school district.

School Features
ELDT School-Friendly Pricing With No Hidden Fees

Our training covers everything your bus drivers need to keep students safe.

  • Bus Stop Safety
  • Onboard the Bus
  • Health & First Aid
  • Active Shooter
  • Child Abuse Recognition
  • Special Needs Accommodation
  • Entry Level Driver Training
  • Student Management and Bullying

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Our System ELDT For Bus Drivers

Keep Track of Training Progress & More

Our school transportation safety training makes it easy to track and record driver progress. Receive documentation and records of completion instantly.

Our System ELDT For Bus Drivers

Important Data At Your Fingertips

  • How much bus driving training has been completed
  • The amount of driver training left for each user
  • Individual grades for each user and course

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Get better training and safer bus drivers in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Schedule a demo and get a sneak peek at our training platform.

Step 2

Work with our team to determine the lesson, curriculum, & implementation plan that works best for your district.

Step 3

Sleep easier knowing your students are in safe hands.

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