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Your Training Implementation Questions Answered

A training management system provides in-depth training that speeds up your onboarding process while delivering training that ensures efficient and safe drivers. With the correct safety training, you’ll save time and money, and most importantly: you’ll save lives.

In addition to extensive training that is frequently updated to reflect industry standards, we’ll provide a sleek tracking dashboard, and Microsoft Power BI reports to pull the documents you need when you need them. Your Client Success Team will also ensure that your training meets your company’s specific goals.

OSHA, workplace safety, ELDT, DOT Training, accident avoidance, fuel efficiency, courtroom etiquette – the list goes on! You can find a complete catalog of topics here. If you have custom content specific to your company, you can upload it to include alongside the modules we already offer.

We provide up-to-date training that keeps you and your drivers informed of federal regulation updates, such as the new Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) mandate of 2022, Hours of Service, CSA BASICS, Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, and more.

In many ways, it’s better. Our microlearning approach means drivers can learn more in less time. Instead of paying for your drivers to sit in a classroom daydreaming about lunch, your drivers can take their lessons wherever they go. Furthermore, you can check in on their progress, see their test scores and ensure they’re learning everything they need to be a safe and efficient driver.

Online learning should never replace face-to-face time with your drivers, but the bullet-proof documentation, ease of training, and consistency you will see from an online training management system are essential.

From litigious lawyers to driver shortages to ever-increasing fuel costs, there is no end to the challenges the trucking industry faces. We help you navigate a constantly shifting landscape with training on fuel efficiency, accident avoidance, courtroom etiquette, and more. Our consistent safety training helps you get better drivers on the road faster and more prepared to face the industry’s biggest challenges.

Our system can be integrated with many programs, including:

  • ELDs and Safety Systems
  • Recruiting Systems
  • HR Systems
  • Transportation Management Systems

Many of our courses are offered in Spanish. See the full catalog here.

Training Implementation

Our system is simple. We’ll help you set up users, upload your content, and teach you how to implement a thriving safety-training culture within your company. We can also generate reports and help you keep track of your training implementation.

Not at all! We’ve developed the Infinit-I platform to be intuitive and easy-to-use by both administrators and users. Plus, our Client Success Team will not only help you get set up on our system, but help you deploy it successfully.

As little as four hours! Send over your user list, company logo, signatures for certificates, and list of content for your first assignment. Our Client Success Team will take care of the rest and show you how simple it is to maintain.

None. We don’t like hidden costs, and that includes set-up costs.

Consistent training is essential for every business and department. Our training platform works for all industries. Our safety training videos are great for transportation companies of all sizes, school bus drivers, and more! Check out our content catalog for a complete list of our services, including courses on OSHA, HR, and other topics that apply to many different industries (not just trucking). Check out our Enterprise Training Solutions page to learn more about how you can use our state-of-the-art tools to customize training for any industry or topic you don’t see covered.

Our videos are short, easy to understand, and user-friendly. Instead of committing an hour to a video, we’ve broken subjects into bite-sized videos that can be completed in just a few minutes, anywhere, at any time.

Better training means better retention and better drivers. Our brief but comprehensive lessons allow for solid retention and quick recollection for drivers, dispatchers, and the entire organization. Our frequent and consistent approach ensures that drivers retain their training over time.

Return on Investment

Let’s find out! Fill out a survey, and we’ll analyze your response to generate a report showing you how much Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can save your company. See your return on investment with Infinit-I training management system.

Utilizing a safety training system shows insurance companies that you are less of a risk, giving you access to the best rates available amidst rising premiums. Many of our clients have seen a reduction in their accidents and rates.

You can utilize our system for 30 days with no obligation to subscribe! You will be granted full access to our system and given your very own Client Success Representative. After the trial ends, you are under no obligation to purchase. Click here for more information.

No, that’d be pretty sneaky. We don’t like sneaky.

We offer basic tech support for drivers including username/password resets, login help, and other troubleshooting. For admins, we offer higher-level support that includes assignment creation, managing user groups, assessing performance against goals, and more.

To name a few:

  • Monthly Usage Report
  • Completion Status Report
  • Assignment Detail Report
  • User License Expiration Report

We have over a decade of experience under our belts in this industry–we know how online training works. But we know you want more than just our word–so we point to the proof in the data–and in what others have to say about us.

Check out our client testimonials or case studies to discover how our solutions have helped companies like yours with everything from surviving DOT audits to protecting themselves in court to increasing their fuel efficiency.

We can also get you in touch with a current user with similar concerns to yours, so you can proceed with complete confidence that our solutions will work for you too.