Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is a trusted safety, communications, and training partner for the transportation industry. Founded 20+ years ago, we have seen clients complete over 25,323,740 million safety awareness training sessions.

We help make life simple and safe by streamlining your training, supported by our world-class Client Success Team. Further benefits of the Infinit-I system include:

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Since 1999, we have been dedicated to improving client ROI. Utilizing our web-based solutions improves performance across the entire business.

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Client Success Team

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions client success team is your training partner. The team will help you get set up in the system and guide you through everything you need to start out and continue your training program successfully.

Your dedicated Client Success team will do everything in their power to ensure that you are successful in your training goals. They will keep up with you on a regular schedule to provide valuable tools and tips through the year.

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Improve FMCSA Scores

Improve Your CSA Scores

The CSA BASICS implemented by the FMCSA are regulations meant to address safety deficiencies to reduce crashes on the highways. These CSA scores are an important data point potential customers and insurance underwriters look at before working with you.

Infinit-I provides training on all seven BASICS that is easy for drivers to access and retain, ensuring these topics remain top of mind. You can assign the training as part of your ongoing program or as corrective action after a violation occurs.

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Increased Defensibility in Court

Increased Defensibility in Court

It is far easier for a plaintiff attorney to create doubt than it is to dispel it. Plaintiff attorneys have a sophisticated array of tricks meant to lead juries towards large payouts.

Infinit-I’s training management system is designed to address each area of attack used by plaintiff’s attorneys to undermine your company’s defense strategy. Train drivers on common areas of attack, and rest assured you will have the records to back up your training record if you ever find yourself in court.

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Reduce Accidents

Reduce Accidents

One company was able to reduce their accidents by two-thirds using Infinit-I to provide consistent training to their drivers.

Reduce accidents by creating a safety culture using Infinit-I’s short, frequent, consistent online training solutions. Consistent, ongoing training is the key to keeping safety top of mind for drivers.

The Infinit-I system can also help you address recurring issues immediately. Assign training that drivers can access immediately to deal with corrective action or other training needs.


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Reduce Accident Costs

Reduce Accident Costs

The cost of accidents for your company has to do with not only the number of accidents you have per year, but the severity of these accidents. By implementing Infinit-I Workforce as your training management solution, you can keep important safety issues top of mind.

This ensures drivers avoid common or major mistakes that can lead to increased accident quantity and severity. Infinit-I is dedicated to improving safety in the heavily regulated and litigated transportation industry. It is important to have up-to-date, ongoing training that is documented and easily accessible, and Infinit-I has the tools available that allow you to meet these needs.

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Reduce Driver Turnover

Reduce Driver Turnover

Your training program is the first impression a new hire has of your company, and helps your drivers know what is expected of them. Using the Infinit-I Workforce online training management system allows you and potential drivers to screen whether it is a good fit from the beginning.

As you use the Infinit-I system, our client success team can help your company get set-up and provide recommendations for the best training to meet your needs. We can help you develop a training program that will allow you to find high-quality drivers that fit your company culture and help you reduce driver turnover.

Learn more about how our training system can help improve driver turnover rates

Reduce Training Costs

Reduce Training Costs

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions allows you to provide consistent, ongoing training without the need to pull drivers in. This means less money lost while drivers aren’t on the road. It also means less money spent to get required training completed.

Ensure drivers are receiving the training they need without the added cost of food, travel, hotels, materials, and trainers. Drivers can access training videos easily from any device with an internet connection, no matter where they are.

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Apple and Android Mobile App Ready

Apple and Android Mobile Apps

The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions app makes it even easier for drivers to access their training. All they have to do is download the app, sign in to their company profile, and they will have access to all assigned training.

Drivers can complete training, view training schedules, and access certificates all from their phone or tablet. This makes it even easier for you to assign ongoing or corrective action training whenever you need to.

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Training Record for Better Insurance Rates

Verified Safety Record for Better Insurance Rates

There is only one way to affect change in the area of transportation insurance: improve driver performance. Improving driver performance is dependent on efficient training and accountability. Efficiency includes documentation of all training records.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions provides the tools you need to manage your training records, complete with date and time stamps. Being able to provide your insurance providers records of your training plans and progress can go a long way towards reduced insurance rates as you move forward.

Learn more about how our training system can improve your safety training record for reduced insurance costs

Fuel Efficiency

Improve Fuel Efficiency

A newly updated and released Fuel Efficiency training program was created to meet one of the biggest struggles in the industry today, $5+ diesel prices across the United States. 

Research shows that driver behavior can affect 5% to 15% of vehicle MPGs. The Infinit-I Fuel Efficiency Program has saved trucking companies $388 per truck per month. Companies can save 3.5% to 13.5% on fuel through this training program. 

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Infinit-I's Training System Benefits

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