Fuel Efficiency Training


The #1 Issue facing the trucking industry is rising fuel prices. How can you fight back? Through a little-known, but powerful, secret weapon: improving driver behavior.

Our fuel efficiency training delivers short 3-7 minute videos that pack a powerful punch. Your drivers will learn to make small changes that save you money in the long run.

Cloud-Based | Android & iPhone Compatible | Available 24/7 | Includes Completion Reports


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With Infinit-I, you can empower your drivers with quick, to-the-point training that will save your company money.

Topics in our fuel efficiency training include:

  • Tire pressure
  • Idling/route management
  • Cargo distribution
  • Controlling speed
  • Maintenance of the rig, and more!

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How Much Will You Save?

Our Fuel Efficiency Training Program saved one company $60,000 in just one year.

Improve Fuel Efficiency TrainingOne client reported only 3.5% fuel savings after assigning our Fuel Efficiency training videos to their drivers. They went from getting 6.25 miles per gallon to 6.47 miles per gallon. That small increase in MPGs saved the company over $60,000 in one year. Just imagine what your company can do with that kind of savings.

Current Cost Analysis
Total # of Company Trucks # of Miles Per Truck Per Month Current Fuel Miles Per Gallon Revenue Per Truck Per Day
160 9,000 6.25 $2.85
Estimated Annual Fuel Expense Per Truck:  $49,248.00
Estimated Annual Fuel Expense Per Fleet:  $7,879,680.00
Expected Return on Investment Results
Estimated Annual Cost of Infinit-I Services:  $12,960.00
Net Annual Cost of Infinit-I Services:  $12,960.00
Improvement in Fuel MPG’s from Infinit-I:  3.5%
New Fuel Miles Per Gallon:  6.47
Estimated Annual Fuel Savings Per Truck:  $388.00
Estimated Annual Fuel Savings for Fleet:  $62,080.00
Return on Investment:  479%

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