Introducing the Infinit-I Safety Training FasTrac Intensive Walkthrough

Infiniti safety training walkthrough

Getting the Most Out of Your Infinit-I Safety Training

You’ve explored the system, gotten the necessary approvals, the contract is signed, and your company is ready to roll out your newly purchased Infinit-I safety training platform. You want to make sure you roll it out correctly though.

Whether your company invested in the Infinit-I Workforce system to build better company culture, to improve employee performance, or to increase profits through training, you’ll start off on the right path with FasTrac.

What is Infinit-I FasTrac?

FasTrac is an onboarding process designed to teach companies how to get the most out of their Infinit-I safety training system. You can complete the FasTrac walkthrough before the first training module is assigned or the first orientation template is built.

Companies who implement a new learning management system can find difficulty in the setup phase if they are left to figure out the features of the software on their own. FasTrac was designed to ensure users of the Infinit-I system never have this negative experience.

FasTrac starts by assigning a dedicated Client Success Team to your company’s account. Your team will guide you through the system as you build and grow your online training. They will work with you to schedule an hour-long introductory call designed to walk you and your team through the features and functions of the Infinit-I Workforce system.

During this initial call, you’ll learn how to access and assign more than 850 training videos, what API integrations are, and how you can add custom training content you may already own into your online training library.

The ultimate goal of FasTrac is to ensure your company has success with your Infinit-I safety training rollout by helping you build the foundation that will set the pace for user adoption, training strategy, and your working relationship with your client success team.

“From a customer service perspective, they’ve really done a seamless job of everything from the frontend sales to the implementation and to the day-to-day management of the system. I very rarely ever have to get involved in any aspect, other than them giving me a call asking if everything is all right. They’re very responsive from a customer service standpoint. “

Mark Sorine, Vice President of Safety, Quality Distribution

One Size Does Not Fit All

Whether you have 15 or 1,000+ employees, the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions system can be customized to fit your company’s unique training needs. Working with your client success team, you can analyze your current and long-term goals to help develop a customized training solution.

Your client success team will ensure your company is set up for success using online training. After you complete FasTrac, ongoing help is always available. Whatever questions, challenges, or training needs come up, you can count on your client success team.

“The customer service is outstanding. There isn’t any company that I’ve ever worked with, no matter what service they’re offering, that has customer service like Vertical Alliance. They make your job a whole lot easier.

It’s really beneficial. It’s like having an extra safety person there.”

Jay Thomas, Executive Director, Super Service, LLC

Implementing a new learning management system does not have to be difficult. FasTrac is designed to make your transition into online training a smooth process so you can see a return on your training investment as soon as possible.