How Automatic Reporting Can Reduce the Risk of Poor CSA Scores

Three red semi trucks parked next to each other | improve CSA scores

If you’ve been in the trucking industry long, you know all about poor CSA scores, and you’ve heard the dreaded words. The words you hear after something terrible happens. The words uttered again and again inside courtrooms. The words that can mean the difference between walking away and paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to a plaintiff:

“Prove it.”

If you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen.

In this day and age, trucking companies must have clear and accessible documentation for every log, every training hour, and every incident to keep CSA scores low. Because poor CSA scores might clench the deal in the courtroom.

And, if a trucking company can’t provide irrefutable documentation when the time comes, then legally, it didn’t happen.

What is a CSA score?  And how can a poor CSA score affect me?

CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, and Accountability, and is a reflection on both drivers and trucking companies. CSA scores reflect driver behavior on the road and cover everything from problems with tires to speeding tickets to wrecks. Poor CSA scores can cause major negative effects for your company.

Keeping CSA scores low helps your company mitigate soaring insurance premiums and gives you a leg to stand on in court.

A poor CSA score says to clients, insurance companies, and plaintiffs that a driver and his or her company doesn’t have a strong culture of safety.

Your CSA score can impact not only insurance premiums but can also play a big part in getting and retaining clients. Shipping companies and other prospects want to know that a company will transport their goods safely and efficiently, as they are also held responsible in the event of an accident.

How can I improve my poor CSA scores?

Our online, mobile-friendly training tool equips drivers with the safety knowledge they need to keep CSA scores low and keep your business on the road. Safety training can be completed quickly and easily while your driver isn’t actively driving the truck, such as during loading and unloading, and the results are stored and available immediately.

Instant, cloud-based documentation at your fingertips

Our online training tool does the documentation for you and keeps it stored safely in the cloud, with easy access whenever you need it. 

Check out our whitepaper for more information on maintaining your safety culture and keeping CSA scores low.

So, whenever you’re told to “prove it,” you can.

Key Takeaways to Improve Poor CSA Scores:

  • • Keep CSA scores low with ongoing, easily accessible training 
  • • Document your training records in the cloud, for consistent and accessible documentation any time you need it
  • Download our guide for more on creating, building and maintaining your safety culture, to keep CSA scores low, and help decrease business risks

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